5 Best Prostate Massagers You Can’t Do Without

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We understand how frustrating it is being starved of that mind-blowing orgasm. While there are hundreds of prostate massagers littered about the market promising to amazingly stimulate your G-spot (or P-spot), a miserable lot of them fail. I have been there, too bad!


Your peers would try to convince you that enjoying maximal sexual pleasure is more than your choice of prostrate massager; that your expertise and lube matters equally. While there are sparse traces of truth in this, the main fact remains that you don’t need much expertise to thrill yourself if you have the perfect massager to treat your prostate ROYALLY.


Good news is that you don’t need to stack your locker with massagers that don’t work and would never give you anything close to that deserved climax. I have looked extensively through the market, and I will be glad to save you the nightmare of spending your hard-earned money on the wrong choice of prostate massagers.


The best prostate massager is that made to the most exquisite detail with just your titillation in mind. This is the flawless combination of technology, portability, and gentility, vibrating you to paradise. This way, it is neither too big to hurt you neither is it too small to fall off, with the motors working right– PERFECTION is the word here.


This brings us to the finest prostate massagers ever to land in the market from SVAKOM. The SVAKOM prostrate massagers we will be touching on are your assured destination for thrilling prostate multiple orgasms. Don’t you like it that way? Let us go then.


1.  SVAKOM Judy Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager

G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager

Hurray fellas, you no longer have to suffer through the agony of enjoying a vigorous orgasm just once in a year. The SVAKOM Judy massager gives you that explosive climax just anytime you need it! This trailblazing anal plug is just that your butt has been dreaming of. This plug doesn’t “discriminate”, and would equally thrill your vagina, masterfully working your G-spot to euphoria.


The excitement with this prostate massager is overflowing as there are 25 pleasure modes for you to pick from. How do you like it? From smooching, caressing to rocking, you would never find a better lover as the vibration intensities can be varied to match your sexual mood and emotional atmosphere. 

Some striking features allow this massager to make this elite list. Let us explore these features:

You will love the Wrist Design

Many massagers you see out there lack that sense of intimacy, trust me. It is common to find out that the ergonomic design is just a flop with poor connection when you are using it. That is why I am helplessly in love with the slim wrist design of the SVAKOM Judy Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager.


Here, the connection part is relatively slimmer at the bottom, giving it that absolute fit. The ergonomic design which I am always worried about is much better with this massager. It is streamlined, and you would enjoy that intimate sucking sensation. This way you can strap it on and jump outdoors without having to fear for your massager falling off in that elite outdoor event where you are the guest of honor...haha.

Right shape and right diameter

For those who have been in the world of prostrate massagers for quite a while now, you will agree me that few things are as crucial as the thickness and the shape. The SVAKOM Judy Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager gets it right here. The design is elliptical with the diameter sitting prettily at 28mm (at most).


This way, you no longer have to fear that stretching pain when you insert this massager into your anus or vagina. The SVAKOM Judy Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager comes in an oval arc with thickness varying from thin to thick.

The best of flexibility

Indeed, the flexibility of your massager contributes significantly to the stimulation you would get. The right massager should be “loyal” and bendable enough to follow you the way you like it. 


The 180-degree flexibility of the SVAKOM Judy Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager is one of the major reasons why we didn’t blink placing this massager among our list of best prostrate massagers.
2.  SVAKOM Julie Flexible Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager with Remote Control

SVAKOM Julie Flexible Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal

Here is another stunning SVAKOM prostrate massager quickly sneaking into our compilation of best prostate massagers. While the SVAKOM Julie shares striking similarity with the Judy (elliptical shape, 180 degree flexible and slim wrist design) we just learned of, there are other standout features separating the SVAKOM Julie Flexible Powerful Wearable Vibrating Anal & G-spot Plug Prostate Milking Massager with Remote Control from the Judy variant.
Let me quickly delve into the additional features I love about this SVAKOM Julie prostate massager, which I know you would find exciting.  

The amazing bottom design

While I am not very proud of it, I have used tons of prostate massagers. I genuinely wish I had found the perfect one much earlier. Many massagers that I have come across have such pathetic fit, especially for your exterior anal groove. This is why I admire the SVAKOM Julie. 

The fit is perfect with a width of about 42 mm at the bottom and would sit nicely in this groove without being over conspicuous. So the whole world doesn’t have to know that your butt is plugged with a massager when you step out with this SVAKOM Julie.

30 degree curved body


You will struggle to find that ideal massager that promises you bliss from the “front and behind”. Well, this SVAKOM Julie is the answer for those seeking unrivaled prostate and vaginal stimulation with its 30 degrees curved body. Therefore, you can finally breathe your sigh of relief from those mediocre straight-lined massagers. Very few vibrators can treat your p-spot and g-spot better than this massager.  


The remote control Design

The reality is that I am a tech-savvy guy. More than rocking my Kolibree interactive toothbrush and Pixie Bluetooth tracker, I love high-tech orgasm. That is why I am terrifically in love with the SVAKOM Julie being a fan of high-tech wearable sex toys. 

I like discreteness and privacy when exploring my sexual escapades. The remote control feature of this SVAKOM prostrate massager allows me to just enjoy that without letting anyone in the room know.

This remote feature works well within a distance of 5 meters. Take note that this prostate massager works excellently manually too just in case you don’t want to use the remote control. When I am using this massager with my partner, this remote control feature gives me an enhanced level of interaction between us. I can readily switch between intensity and mode.  

If you are like me who so much cherishes the pre-P-orgasm, then the SVAKOM Julie is just the guy for your prostate. Within the first 2 seconds, the feeling of exquisite warmth will thrill you before erupting into that mind-bending orgasm that would crazily milk you for about ten minutes. Now, that is the true definition of pleasure, man!

3.  SVAKOM Primo Wearable G-spot & Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator


Here is another prostate massager to keep the orgasm on. The SVAKOM Primo Wearable G-spot & Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator can be used by men and women with no issues. For the guys, you can be certain of a premium prostrate treat while females can bask in its scintillating anal and G-spot stimulation.

Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator 

This remote-controlled massager is perfect for just anywhere – its size is ideal as it is not too small to drop off neither is it too big to stretch you painfully. You can enjoy this massager with your partner if you want to share the fun with them. Just like SVAKOM Julie, this prostate massager works remotely with the remote control functioning within 5 meters.

anal and G-spot stimulation

The innovative heating function of this prostate massager is a game-changer for lovers of warmth. When winter storms you, it would be heartless to be plugging yourself with a stick of ice, as you don’t want to freeze your brains off. 

The SVAKOM Primo Wearable G-spot & Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator boasts a unique heating core which could warm the vibrator to about 38°C. This is just fabulous to enjoy that hot heaven in winter.

Lovable length and bottom

Don’t be deceived; the length matters dearie. This SVAKOM prostrate massager is 94mm which makes it an exotic rarity. This massager will stimulate your most residual anal nerve, lavishing you with brain-wracking climax without a fragment of pain.  

So you can be confident of the SVAKOM Primo Wearable G-spot & Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator working its magic as far as your uterus, thrilling you in and out!

The bottom of this vibrator also adds to the allure with a slimmer middle. It has a bottom width of 44mm. Therefore, you will not have any issues plugging the vibrator in and out just when you want it. The ergonomic design of the SVAKOM Primo Wearable G-spot & Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator is world-class. This improves the suction between the wand body and your anus (or your vagina).


Just the body design you cherish


This prostate massager boasts a mellow head of about 23mm. This allows it to slip easily into your anus or vagina without screeching you out in horror pain. It is common to prefer your anus tighter around your massager. This makes the SVAKOM Primo Wearable G-spot & Anal Remote-Controlled Long-bullet Warming Vibrator the classic choice for you.

4.  SVAKOM Vick Remote Controlled Dual Motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator


SVAKOM Vick Remote Controlled Dual Motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator

SVAKOM Vick Remote Controlled Dual Motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator is the guy for couples who love sharing ecstasy. This is massager stands out for its trailblazing remote control feature which is just best for mutual pleasure. 

SVAKOM Vick works with two motors designated for that brain-blowing external and internal stimulation. The guy to get it all sweetly done for you, SVAKOM Vick works wonder on your clitoris and G-spot while still being perfect for prostate stimulation. This is courtesy of its peculiar angle.


The lovable remote control feature

The remote control feature makes it much easier for couples to thrill themselves. Mind you, the SVAKOM Vick works just excellently whether you go manual or resort to the remote control feature. The ease in jumping from one mode to another adds that extra edge of fun and variety to your love sessions. SVAKOM Vick has several intensities befitting for both rough and gentle lovers.

35+1 Vibration Frequency all at your pleasurable disposal

SVAKOM Vick boasts 35+1 vibration frequencies. Heaven is all yours! Basically, SVAKOM Vick gives you seven different modes of vibration. Each mode now again has five lovable levels of intensity. Therefore, you can be super confident of that mindblowing orgasm that gets you speaking in the holiest tongues.  


 IPX4 Waterproof

Water? No problem! SVAKOM Vick is waterproof leveraging on its IPX4 level technology. This way, your prostate massager works very well even if water is splashed on it. This is regardless of the direction of the splash.


A bit of carefulness is needed when cleaning the product. If you have to wash the silicone part with floating water, this must be done cautiously. Best use dry cloth in mopping the water off the metallic side as well as the charging port of this SVAKOM prostate massager.


Takes excellent care of both your prostate and your perineum

Very few prostate massagers in the market today can give you that dual prostate and perineum delight. Well, SVAKOM Vick offers you just that. This SVAKOM prostate massager has that unique angle for fantastic prostate stimulation while yet promising your perineum that same sweet treat!


Rechargeable Battery

This SVAKOM prostate massager comes with a rechargeable battery which means the fun is NEVER ENDING. The lithium battery having an impressive 450mAh capacity can give you the 120 minutes of undiluted and uninterrupted bliss after an hour fully-charged. It is optimal you charge this prostate massager with a 5V output voltage adapter of 1A output current.

5.  SVAKOM Vicky Dual motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator

SVAKOM Vicky is ideal for men who love to don’t like economizing their sexual pleasure. You can use the SVAKOM Vicky Dual motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator for both internal and external stimulation. You can be sure the two powerful rotors of this massager will work you up rapturously to that well deserved climax.

SVAKOM Vicky Dual motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator

This prostate massager is made of safe silicone for that gentle lover’s treat. More interestingly, it is ultra-soft. The shape and design ensure that it gets into the right spots and stimulates the right spots only. How sweet!

IPX4 Waterproof


Just like the SVAKOM Vick, the SVAKOM Vicky Dual motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator yet flaunts the IPX4 level feature being splashproof too. So in the same respect, you have nothing to fear about splashing water when you are using this SVAKOM prostate massager.

It is silent as they come

Being snuck up in your private erotic utopia thrilling yourself is the in-thing. The whole world doesn’t need to know you are enjoying that “sauce” from your prostate massager. This is why the whisper-quiet discreteness of the SVAKOM Vicky Dual motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator is sure to come in very handily.

You should be super excited to learn that this SVAKOM prostate massager’s sound is lesser than 50 DB when you turn it on. With this amiable quietness, there is no way anyone hears it farther than 1 meter. This is just the silent lover you need to rock that private orgasm without waking the yard.

Environment-friendly material

SVAKOM leads the ecological evolution for environment-friendly sex products. This is why you can trust this massager to treat your prostate elegantly without hurting Mother Earth. The massager is made from environment-friendly silicone. 

SVAKOM put it through rigorous testing to make sure it meets its traditionally impeccable standards before releasing it out to you. Simply said, the SVAKOM Vicky Dual motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator is as safe as they come.


 How about the 10 Year Quality Guarantee?

Many sex toy producers are hungrily angrily out there for your money. However, for SVAKOM, your satisfaction will always come first. This is why the SVAKOM Vicky Dual motor Prostate Massaging Vibrator comes with a 10-year quality guarantee once your 1-year warranty expires. 

Therefore, should any issue within this window (which is however unlikely), you would get a 50% discount on the following SVAKOM product you buy.