During 2020 we were all forced to adapt to a different lifestyle, our routines changed and therefore our jobs, favorite activities and social events were also affected ... we remember that moment when we heard that the largest fair in Asia for our industry -Adult Care Expo- had been postponed indefinitely, we felt shocked and frustrated; Fortunately, this 2021 the fair returned to Shanghai and, as every year, SVAKOM participated as one of the biggest brands invited to the famous event. With lots of requirements, health measures and limited attendance as preventive measures but still, life felt like normal when we stepped into the exhibition hall.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever meet again with those friends and colleagues that we have not seen for a long time? Of course, you want to party and share a drink or two, right? that's why we organized a new Fxxk Taboos soire full of surprises, games, good friends and an exclusive look into some of our upcoming NEW TOYS!

Hand in hand with our great friends in ITALO -an incredible bistro bar in the heart of the city- The SVAKOM family prepared an unparalleled Fxxk Taboos party on the night of April 16th and, taking advantage of the fact that the weather in the city still allowed us to play with the sensuality of our outfits, we selected LACE & LEATHER as our theme, a naturally sexy combination that we knew would turn the environment into something very special.

After showing the pertinent health codes, each guest was greeted with a lace or leather blindfold to get into the mood and, to break the ice, a toy display in the center that caught the attention of everyone who entered. the store. The music, by a mysterious DJ who was hiding behind one of the leather masks and a tight official SVAKOM shirt, raised the energy levels of the guests and with it, the desire to participate in the games that we had prepared. for them ... between the classic banana contest, the interactive toy raffle and the secret spanking game, all attendees enjoyed a party that raised the temperature with every second that passed. A night full of sensuality that we wish would never end.

More Fxxk Taboos parties are yet to come... we have so many tricks under our sleeves. Do you dare to join us?