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Sexual wellness is a necessity. That is the core value that pushes SVAKOM forward. Founded in 2012 by David Yu, SVAKOM was created as a means of offering high-quality products to the world with an emphasis on innovative technology and affordability. Striving to make this dream a reality, SVAKOM began researching new and inventive ways to experiment in the bedroom, from the Siime internal camera, all the way to the Connexion Series, connecting the world in ways greater than touch alone. Alone or together, SVAKOM believes everyone deserves access to luxury products with a focus on pleasure. Because of this belief, SVAKOM has maintained an active stance in supporting communities and the planet through the sponsorship of various non-profit organizations such as Trees for the Future and Drop in the Bucket.


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Luxury Brand of the Year

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Sexual Wellness Company of the Year

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Global Pleasure Brand of the Year

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Best Erotic Toy
Svakom Pulse Galaxie

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I wanted to let you know my Classic Organizer arrived and it has far exceeded my expectations. My father was an upholsterer and having grown up around fabric I really appreciate quality fabrics. The leather is fabulous both in appearance and texture. The bag is very well designed and even though it is not really large, the design really expands its capacity.

Valentine Gibbs

Just wanted you to know I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wallet!!!!!! I moved into it and even though it appears small, has much more space than my bigger wallet I moved out of. The leather is nice and soft and pliable. I have tons in it and it's not even strained. I just get a total pleasure out of it every time I take it out to use it. I'm so glad I bought the small backpack so I had to exchange it!!!!

Chelsea Blanton

We already knew that you have outstanding products and service, but this time was amazing. On Thursday afternoon I mailed a bag for a minor repair, expecting to see it in a week or so. When we opened the mailbox today (Saturday), there was the same box. I thought maybe the post office had made a mistake and returned it to me. Instead, there was the repaired bag with a nice note from your team. Thank you!

Cliff Lindsey

From the time I clicked "original leather handbag" into my search engine and found your site it has been wonderful. After looking at your selections and making my decision I called. I am not sure who I spoke with but she could not have been more helpful...from further describing the choices I had to assisting me in selecting a color. Then the purse arrived and I got to smell it! Thank you so much.

Sacha Nichols


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