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Access bonus play modes, create your own, or interact with a long-distance partner

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What Can SVAKOM App Do
For Your Pleasure?

It’s our innovative range of sex toys that pair with our SVAKOM App, giving you bonus ways to play solo or with your partner at any distance.


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Why SVAKOM app?

Climax in new ways

Access bonus play modes or create your own and satisfy every need and desire.

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Feature Packed.

Touch Mode

Use your finger to draw how you want your sex toy to move

Preset Mode

Access more ready-made patterns and control options for your sex toy

Custom Mode

Combine preset modes into your very own creation

Music Mode

Sync your sex toy to music played on your smart device

Sound Mode

Let your toy move based on talking or other nearby sounds

Long-distance Mode

Invite a partner to interact with you at any distance in your private room

Please note that SVAKOM App Play Modes may vary depending on the sex toy and app version. For details, refer to the SVAKOM App Guide.


Discover more options for Connexion Series toys available only on the app


Adjust your toy settings at close range via the app or let a long-distance partner take control


Stay close when you're apart

Text chat, video call or share control of your toy with a partner anywhere worldwide.

Explore your kinkier side

Surprise or be surprised when you and your partner take turns controlling each other's sex toys. 


Frequently Asked Question

People are talking about SVAKOM app

Our merchants and customers speak for us through their verified reviews from the App Store.

This SVAKOM app is the most user friendly out of all the pleasure product brand app controllers on the market. The connectivity to the products is dead easy. I managed it first go. The customise feature is a game changer! It allows me to create vibes & patterns how you like them & for as long as you want. Save these as programs to use across all SVAKOM app controlled products. There's so many more features I'm still yet to discover. I'm never going back to manual control again!

Customer image

Jamie Shelton

Great app! I'm most happy that i can also enjoy by the music and make it more unforgettable. Easy to use and extremely effective. The support is also fantastic if you ever need it. You can use it alone or together with your partner even when you are tens of kilometers apart... 😊 Thank you guys for such beautiful creation, hope such customer encouragement will continue! ❤

Customer image

Jessie Nguyen

OMG! l just realized that my Sam Neo and Hannes Neo can be controlled by the Svakom App and that the Sam Neo intensity can be controlled. l thought these toyswere great before but now they are even greater! l am amazed and very happy at thelevel of sophistication these toys have! Who would have thought that a sex toy couldbe so versatile and exciting! Svakom is definitely taking sex toys to a higher level!

Customer image

Martin Jackman

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Tanya Tate

With her striking looks, seductive charm, and natural talent. Watch the former hostess and dancer at a gentlemen’s club perform in the hottest genres with SVAKOM toys.”


Romi Rain

Rather than sport stars, Lisa ann - One of the hottest adult stars ever - is ready to have some solo quality time with you. Empowered by feelconnect 3, you can now have the most realistic en sensual interactive sex with Lisa Ann.”


Lisa Ann

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More Connected than Ever

Entertainment doesn’t have to stop when the video does


Get bonus play options with the SVAKOM App

Discover More
SVAKOM APP LOGO.png__PID:bba4d0c8-831d-4336-84d2-41346353c1a9


Earn money from webcam shows with your sex toy

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Get the Pleasure You Deserve

Discover the SVAKOM App Series and limitless play options


Instantly ready to go

Your sex toy pairs with our free SVAKOM App in seconds thanks to advanced Bluetooth.

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