SVAKOM Presented EroExpo in Moscow

The 19th, 20th, and 21st of October is the 9th year of EroExpo in Moscow: the biggest adult industry B2B fair in Russia. This year, there were more than 400 retail owners in attendance at this auspicious project. It has also brought many different manufacturers, distributors and small wholesale companies together. It was a great chance for all participants to develop their business in this specific area.

SVAKOM was presented by our customers Pink Rabbit and Astkol. Pink Rabbit is one of the biggest chain store brands in Russia, which has over 60 stores in the country. Astkol is one of the distributors of SVAKOM in Russia. SVAKOM has also launched our new products Nymph, Ella and Tammy at this format meeting.

It was the first time for these three new products to show their faces in Russia! Nymph was the most popular one, winning people over with its innovative design as well as amazement by the strong vibration that Nymph makes. Ella and Tammy have also had a great success, theyre both like the upgraded version of our previous hot sales products Elva (which won the best sex toy of the year) and Tyler. It is not surprising that everyone loves them!