Iker Perez - Inbound Marketing

Iker Perez - Inbound Marketing - Svakom Store
Hi there! I am Iker Perez, responsible for digital marketing and SVAKOM’s employee since 2018.

What an industry, right? My mother almost had a heart attack when I told her that I was moving from the fashion industry and entering the magnificent waters of the sex toy industry. On the one hand, I understood her concern, this industry is surrounded by taboos and is definitely not an easy task, however, I do have to say that, I have never been as happy as I am now; in all this time that I have been working and learning everything that surrounds the industry, I got to say that and the people who make all of this possible are the most honest, caring and overall great life teacher; not just inside the company but in the industry in general, all of those who work representing companies, influencers, actors, managers, etc.

This industry teaches you vital aspects that I’m pretty sure everyone questions or doubts we all had at some time in life, but not everyone is willing to discuss and, by listening to different, valid options you construct a new knowledge, specially about what you like, what you want to try and from this new perspective you can teach, encourage and help so many others. Isn't this a wonderful thing in itself?

There are so many things I’ve experiences during my journey here, all of those trips, fairs, exhibitions, fxxk taboos parties, LIVES on social networks, corporate social responsibility activities, team buildings, etc. and I want to share a couple of them with you that will always come to my mind when I think of something representative of these years.

Funny anecdote: I was on my way to attend the VENUS fair in Berlin -which is the largest fair in Europe, btw- I transferred in Vienna from Hong Kong, but I lost my plane. And OF COURSE, I only had a credit card that the airline wouldn’t accept, so I could not pay the ticket for the next flight to Berlin. Nobody gave me a reasonable option and they couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a VISA or a MASTERCARD available at the moment. The only solution I found was to pretend that I was crying uncontrollably, claiming that they were going to make me lose my job and IT WORKED! They finally, let me take the next flight with no additional cost, and I made it on time to our amazing booth in Berlin.

Sentimental anecdote: I think that one of the best projects that I have developed in SVAKOM are the actions of corporate social responsibility. There are two actions that I will NEVER forget, creating a campaign to helped build a well of drinking water near a school in Uganda; and having helped a center for malnourished children in Guatemala with a donation of more than 75,000 liters of milk for more than 200 kids.

I want to finish this monologue by thanking my SVAKOM family, the people I surround myself with everyday are not my co-workers, they are my professional family, with whom I’ve shared unforgettable moments and who are committed to the development of new projects always with our customers and our world in mind.

For all that has been lived and for all that remains to live!