Tom Daley knits while watching Olympics

Tom Daley knits while watching Olympics - Svakom Store

The athlete, Tom Daley, British trampoline representative, winner of gold in these Tokyo Olympics and a trend in networks for showing himself crocheting at the Olympics, today teaches us several things, which according to my analysis I want to share.

1. With these images it is possible to demystify the feminine and masculine role about "knitting is for women, even grandmothers". Men's sensitivity and abilities are part of it, regardless of their Sexual Orientation. It is wonderful to see your colleagues support your action with respect and naturalness.

2. Tom Daley's self-esteem is clearly strengthened, in his self-confidence, as he begins to weave in the middle of the Olympic Games, he also shows that he is clear about his gender identity, his sexual orientation, his vocation and his objective of life. He was born to be happy and nothing is going to stop him.

3. Everyone knows that being an athlete involves more than being born with a skill, it requires great effort and discipline that generates a lot of anxiety and sometimes panic attacks. Athletes are in continuous stress and sometimes losing or suffering accidents can even generate post-traumatic stress as in the case of the athlete Biles, who retired.

Knitting fights anxiety, what happens is that it takes the person out of the context that causes discomfort, reducing stress by putting their brain attentive to activity, which allows them to stop thinking about what scares them, anguish, sadness, impatience, anger, it even disconnects him from time, making him live in his present and not in what will happen in the future, at the same time it protects his brain and gives him tranquility and happiness.

In short, this athlete today gives us great lessons to take care of our mental health and live without stereotypes, by showing ourselves as we are and fighting for our goals and dreams.

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