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Product Care:
How should I charge SVAKOM products?
Connect the SVAKOM product to a power source with the special cable provided. The LED indicator will stay luminous when charging (red) and fully charged (different products feature different indicator colors when charging; Do not charge more than 24h).
What if my SVAKOM product doesn’t work or cannot be charged?
Please follow the steps below to identify the cause of the failure:
Connect your SVAKOM device to a power source. If it shuts down because the battery is completely depleted, first plug it in, the LED display should light up red - indicating it is charging. If the indicator doesn’t light up within 5 minutes, please check:
•If the plug of the device is properly connected to the socket.
•If the power plug is properly connected to the wall socket.
If none of the above steps can identify the cause, your SVAKOM product may have a functional defect. Please check the warranty page or contact our Customer Service directly.
How should I clean my SVAKOM product? (Only for products marked water resistant)
Clean the surface of the device with soap water or a wet cloth after each use, and rinse with clean water. Do not use facial cleaner containing alcohol, petroleum or acetone.
Can I disinfect SVAKOM products with boiling water?
We do not recommend that you put the SVAKOM product in boiling water as this may damage the product.
Can I expose SVAKOM products to outdoor sunlight?
We do not recommend exposing SVAKOM products to outdoor sunlight as this may damage the product.
How often should I charge it?
Battery life varies by product, but in general, you should charge your SVAKOM product whenever it reaches low battery. Do not leave the battery completely drained for long periods of time, and do not over charge the device.
Can I charge the SVAKOM product with other chargers?
Please use the charger provided with the SVAKOM device. Charging with other chargers (including chargers for other SVAKOM products) may damage the battery.
I lost my charging cable. Where can I buy a new one?
There are different chargers for each SVAKOM product. To ensure you purchase the correct one, we recommend you directly visit this link to search for the correct one: