Drop in the Bucket - Second Water Well

Posted by SVAKOM 30/03/2022 0 Comment(s) Brand News,

We are incredibly happy to announce that a second water well has been drilled thanks to Drop in the Bucket!


Last year we worked closely with Drop in the Bucket to get a water well drilled close to the Alim Health Center II. We were able to hear the stories of those most helped by the new access to clean and reliable water. But we couldn’t stop there.


“… We have many health centers in Uganda that still urgently need water”.


Lack of access to clean water poses a myriad of health risks, especially in a health center. Without clean water nurses and doctors are forced “… [to] make patients take [medication] without liquids”, as well as operate under un-hygienic conditions.


We are humbled to hear the words of Awor Stella Grace, 36, as she told us about her journey to become a nurse, working without clean water, and the difference the new water well at the Alero Health Center III has made.


“Growing up, I spent so much time sick and always remember the care given to me by the doctors…” Awor told us. “… It made me want to become a nurse so that I could help others too.”


Throughout her journey to become a nurse, Awor watched as more and more of her classmates dropped out, all while struggling herself to make up the tuition fees. The dedication she committed in order to help people is inspiring, and we at SVAKOM admire the work and effort she has put in to help people around her.


“I love my job, but the lack of clean and constant water has been a major problem for me and my patients…”


Throughout her career as a nurse, Awor has witnessed the problems caused by lack of clean water first-hand and frequently. “… [before] a mother came to deliver but we did not have water at the facility”, we don’t know what we would have done in this situation, but Awor was quick on her feet. “… I quickly grabbed two of my neighbors and asked them to run with me to fetch water from the well”.


Hearing Awor’s story reminds us of how grateful and privileged we are to never worry whether or not we have clean water to drink, or that our hospitals will have clean water for us when we get sick.


Making a difference sounds daunting, and at times it feels like the small contributions cannot change things. But through our donations two health facilities now have access to clean water and can continue to provide care to those in need – even during these pandemic times.


Drop in the Bucket does some amazing work, sourcing locations, workers, and funding to help make peoples lives better. We are honored to continue working with them and hope to keep exploring new ways that we can make a difference.


“This is a blessing. I am really happy and appreciative to [Drop in the Bucket], and to [SVAKOM] who made this possible.”


You can visit the Drop in the Bucket website here to learn more. And check out our sustainability page to learn about what we’re doing to give back.