Kegel with a Penis

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Kegel exercises have a myriad of benefits – paired up with Kegel Balls and you have a recipe for a healthier, tighter, and more active pelvic floor. However, a common misconception is that Kegel exercises exist primarily for people with a uterus. We at SVAKOM are here to tell you this isn’t true!


Benefits of Kegel


Kegel exercises for people with a penis offers similar benefits as those with a Uterus. Primarily, they work to strengthen the pelvic floor offering better control over your bladder, assist those getting treatment for issues relating to the prostate, as well as increasing sexual performance.


The benefits are great regardless of age. With Kegel exercises, a person with a penis can develop a deeper understanding of their body and the muscles used in daily life that they may not pay attention to. This can help with getting/maintain erections and work towards preventing premature ejaculation.


Kegel Exercises: How To


The most important step is identifying the muscles needed for these exercises. Kegel typically utilizes the muscles lining your pelvic floor, as well as others in the surrounding area.


When performing Kegel Exercises, you’ll find yourself tightening to relaxing the muscles in order to build up the strength within them. There are a few ways for people with a penis to do this, with one of the easier focusing on controlling muscles around the anus.


First, you should identify the muscles in your anus and practice tightening them and relaxing them. Once you can confidently do this, focus your breathing and tighten the muscles, hold for about 5 seconds, and relax the muscles including your pelvic floor. Repeat this about 10-29 times daily.


Why Should I do Kegel?


Well, outside of the benefits we mentioned earlier, Kegel helps you to maintain greater control over your own body. The more aware of our body we are, and the better understanding we have of it, the more we are able to pleasure ourselves and feel pleasure caused by others.


When we know what we like, how we like it, and when we like it, we are able to effectively communicate during sex. Communication creates a great flow between sexual partners, offering room to learn more and guarantee a good time together – which is a win-win regardless of the situation.


When Should I do it?


There’s plenty of opportunities throughout the day to do some Kegel exercises, and the best part? You don’t need to change your routine.


You can do Kegel exercises during or just after average daily things you would normally do such as; going to the toilet. You can practice some Kegel exercises just after finishing any activities that require pressure on your abdomen, or using bodily functions related to the bladder, prostate, or pelvic muscles.


Information presented in this article was sourced from: UCLA Health and Mayo Clinic