Prostate Milking: The How and the Why

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There are plenty of ways humans have discovered to stimulate themselves and create unique and intense pleasures – prostate milking is just one them. The prostate is a walnut sized gland situated just below the bladder of those with a penis, it creates semen for assist sperm and offers a mind-blowing variation of orgasm.


What is Prostate Milking?


Sometimes referred to as a prostate massage, milking is a common term due to the white substance a prostate will release when stimulated properly. This involves using a finger or sex toy to unleash a world of satisfaction, applying gentle yet firm pressure to the prostate to create waves of sensations throughout the entire body; leading to a unique orgasm, without a refractory period and travelling throughout the entire body.


Of course, prostate milking isn’t for everyone. As is always the case with the human body – no one prostate is the same. They vary in size and location and most importantly sensitivity. Someone with an overly sensitive prostate may find the prostate milking just isn’t pleasurable, the feelings are too intense and really cause a “nope” reaction that you certainly don’t want in the bedroom. Others, may not get any sort of feeling from prostate milking – instead feeling nothing, or in a worst-case scenario, discomfort.


While the prostate can be stimulated via the perineum (externally), it is more commonly done through anally; be prepared for something to enter you, there’s nothing worse than an uninvited guest. This can make prostate milking a somewhat invasive act to accomplish – so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into! And most importantly, know when to stop.


How do I do it?


You’ve heard about it, you’re intrigued, you want to dive right in and start fiddling with your prostate and feel that sweet and over-powering full-body orgasm. Hold on! The last thing you want to do is rush into things, no matter how excited and aroused you may be. First, consider how well versed you are in the world of anal play – have you inserted something inside you before? Do you know your limits? What about the risks? Education is the sexiest part of masturbation and the more you know the better it feels. Take a moment to make sure your fully prepared and the mood is right.


Achieving the infamous prostate orgasm can take a long time, and prostate milking requires a lot of dedication making the first step setting aside the time to really get involved with it. It’s recommended to experiment on your own the very first time – this requires being very relaxed and often when we involve others, we apply more pressure to ourselves then we realize; “this is taking so long… I need to finish quickly”, “I hope they’re not bored, maybe I should start doing something to them so they don’t feel like I’m being selfish?”, “uh oh… did I clean properly… is it going to be messy? What am I going to do if there’s mess!?” – these are the kind of thoughts you certainly don’t want going through your head when trying to entice an orgasm from your body. It is also for the best to make sure everything is clean down there, as well as to ensure you trim your fingernails. Massaging the prostate, even with a toy, will require loosening the anus at least somewhat – and the last thing you want is any small cuts from sharp finger nails ruining the experience!


So, you’re relaxed, you’ve set aside a good amount of time, you’re in the mood, how do you do it? For starters, go grab a bottle of water-based lubricant and any toys you have that are designed for prostate stimulation.

  • Lube up your index finger or your middle finger and apply lube to your anus
  • Gently insert the lubed-up finger into your anus – give yourself some time to adjust to it.
  • When you’re ready, use your finger to search for a walnut sized lump in the direction of your genitals.
  • Found it? Great, start doing a `come here` gesture with your finger – touching and caressing the prostate gland as you do so.
  • The finger alone can be enough to entice a prostate orgasm with enough time and the right atmosphere, but if you want to introduce toys the same applies; add lube, be gentle, know your limits. It is also a good idea to use two fingers to delicately stretch your anus wider to make inserting the toy easier.


Photo by samer daboul


Remember, this will take time. You want have some magical reaction the second you make contact with your prostate. You will also likely feel like you need to pee – it’s normal, don’t worry you’re not going to. However, if you are concerned it’s a good idea to both use the bathroom beforehand and make sure to lay down a towel (best to go with a dark colored one).


And that’s all you need to know for how! Be patient with yourself, if you don’t get results the first time, try again! And if it turns out it’s not for you, that’s also fine. There’s power in knowing exactly what turns us on, but there’s also something to be found in knowing what we don’t like – improving our communication with potential partners and being able to tell them what we don’t want to do can help avoid many uncomfortable situations.


Why should I do it?


With the how out of the way, it’s time for the why. First and foremost; pleasure! Milking/massaging the prostate should feel great which is, frankly, enough of a reason to justify doing so. But if you’re looking for more reasons then fear not!

  • Massaging the prostate can help reduce swelling.
  • Regular masturbation can be linked towards reduction in the risk of prostate cancer – and a prostate massage could potentially have the same benefit!
  • Can help relieve difficulty urinating or constantly feeling like you need to pee

aHealth Guide talks about the various contributions’ prostate milking/massaging can have towards a person’s health (note: the language surrounding gender may be outdated) and offers more information if you want to learn more!


As they say, “everything in moderation”. Prostate milking/massaging can feel incredible and cause one of the most intense, the most seductive, the most body-shaking orgasm – but doing it constantly can lead to its own risks – ironically one of them being it can lead to an enlarged or inflamed prostate. Pleasure and satisfaction are standard parts of being human, but our health always comes first!