SVAKOM Sponsors Global Friendship Event

Posted by SVAKOM 01/04/2022 0 Comment(s) Brand News,

Global Friendship recently hosted an incredible event in Guangzhou, China, and we were able to spread some SVAKOM love from afar!


The event took place during the early days of March as part of international women’s day. Throughout the day Global Friendship hosted a variety of seminars we found incredibly insightful, as well as an opportunity for different brands to showcase their products and interact with attendees.


SVAKOM was unable to attend in person but did send over a variety of products to be used as prizes in the events lucky draw! Vick Neo and Ella Neo made an appearance, and winners showed genuine appreciation for the gifts, with a slight glint in their eyes (surely thinking of all the fun they’re going to have).


We at SVAKOM take any opportunity to celebrate all women, especially the ones who do amazing work for us. Sponsoring an event like this feel like an honor to us, as it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate that a healthy and important part of life is being able to laugh and embrace sexuality!


Global Friendship held activities that cleverly mixed education, celebration, and entertainment. With members participating in a karaoke display, taking part in small games, and getting a chance to check out a variety of different products.


We are hopeful a second event should be taking place in Shenzhen during April and hope we will get another great opportunity to sponsor Global Friendship and participate perhaps a little closer – time will tell!


There is still plenty of work to be done to reach the societal standard SVAKOM hopes for. One where all forms of sex, masturbation, and sexual topics of conversation are seen as normal – something to be embraced rather than shamed. Often, masturbation is only associated with men and that’s something we want to change by consistently showing that women desire amazing products to upgrade their sexual activities!