Sexologist Interview – Dr. Dubi De Ossa

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For masturbation month we interviewed some amazing sexologists regarding their thoughts on masturbation, advice, and what effective sex education means to them.


Interviews were conducted in Spanish and translated and edited for clarity.


Dr. Dubi De Ossa is a clinical Sexologist who offers therapy sessions and inspiring advice through her platform Entretus4paredes.


SVAKOM: The word masturbation, is it a positive or negative term?


De Ossa: Masturbation has existed throughout the history of mankind and has undergone different changes, for example, in ancient times female masturbation was considered necessary, since it prevented men from losing the matter of life through ejaculation. In fact, some pieces were found for female sexual practice such as phalluses. However, the Christian era condemned it as something "bad", "sinful", "diabolical", and it was prohibited for women, to the point of punishing them if they found out about their practices Hence many of our frustrations, the niche of taboos, beliefs, and myths that were generated around it. Fortunately, during the 20th century to the present day, things are changing, in fact, the Catholic Church, through the Father Francisco, has recognized that pleasure is part of the divinity.


Certainly today there is more openness, it is understood as something positive for our health in general, as well as being the main strategy being to get to know ourselves better, maintain communication with our body, understand how our sexual response works, connects us with our own love, allows us to express our sexuality with knowledge, and teaches couple to explore the long-awaited erotic map and establish better sexual communication and affective function.


In short, masturbation is a divine gift of nature that makes us feel alive, both men and women, but above all it is a liberating act for us, although we still have a lot to learn, a lot to communicate and educate those women who still suffer in silence from families, cultures and even policies that still disqualify women for thinking about masturbation or any form of pleasure.


I am not exaggerating, in my office there are women who have never touched themselves, have not seen their genitals in the mirror or those who dare and feel guilty, even worse, it is the main cause of anorgasmia, so it is a battle still to be won, without the intention of forcing anyone to do so because it is also their own decision and that is fine. It should be noted that, also to a lesser extent, men have attended with false beliefs and myths regarding masturbation, in terms of the number of times or the fact that having a partner makes it unnecessary.


Finally, I would conclude that those who really want to exercise it, do it. If you are afraid, if it is very frustrating, then come to therapy to correct misconceptions and begin to feel the benefits of it, I guarantee many orgasmic smiles.


SVAKOM: Why do you think we should raise our voices during the month of masturbation?


De Ossa: Because sexuality is a right and a physiological need. The fact that there are still people who don’t practice it due to fear, bad experiences, prejudice - among other reasons. Everything indicates that there are people who are not happy with a gift of life that gives so much pleasure, which fills days with smiles, makes us feel lively and in a good mood.


SVAKOM: What are some of the benefits of masturbation?


De Ossa: There are many, but I will say here the least mentioned, because you will surely find a lot of information online: First, it is your first lesson in self-love, it is your self-love activity, where you connect with your inner being, filling yourself with life.


*Because it helps us to combat sexual dysfunctions, prevents them and treats them.


Because it makes you more emotionally and sexually intelligent, since you know yourself better and communicate yourself better to your partners.


The others you surely already know. You sleep better, it reduces stress, improves the stages of menstruation, reduces pain, helps strengthen your pelvic floor, even helps with childbirth, among other benefits.


The important thing about all this is that you do the practice without pressure, although we say that it is super beneficial, do not feel bad if you do not want to practice it, for whatever reason, on the contrary, welcome to the pleasure of living.


I recommend you start slowly, recognizing your body, communicating with it, then go to direct practice with the genitals and finally with the use of sexual devices such as SVAKOM products. Take a therapy session with me and learn techniques to make it really pleasant and magical.


SVAKOM: Do you think it is important to know your own body?


De Ossa: Of course, let's remember that the largest sexual organ is the skin, there are thousands of nerve endings that give you pleasure and even orgasms that are not necessarily the genitals, we must stop genitalizing sexuality. Masturbation is touching, exploring, with our hands, with toys or with the partner without the need to reach orgasm through intercourse or even through the genitals. Sometimes just touching relaxes and is divinely pleasurable.


SVAKOM: Is there any message you’d like to send?


De Ossa: I will end with one of my phrases that I wrote a while ago and went viral on my page:


"And the best lover is me! When someone is missing in my bed,

I will remember that I will not fail to reach orgasm"

(Dubi De Ossa, 2021).


There is nothing more beautiful than feeling love, why not feel it for our own selves. Because not understanding that making love is an act of giving, then, that limits us to feel. And understanding it that way, when we do not give it to ourselves, we should remember our body was created for pleasure, pleasure is life and life happiness. Masturbate your mind, your body, and your will to live. I wait for you lovingly on my page and in my workshop "GODS OF PLEASURE"