Introducing Tuppersex

Posted by SVAKOM 15/03/2022 0 Comment(s) Brand News,

We celebrated International Women’s Day with something extra special. We brought Tuppersex to a well-known bakery (Panakery) in Pamplona, Spain.


Sex-ed is so important to the world, and having the opportunity to introduce it while making delicious treats was one, we couldn’t pass up. With drinks provided we set-off baking amazing foods such as avocado toast, chocolate cake, and Spanish tortilla.


Of course, it wouldn’t be SVAKOM if we didn’t dive right into talking about sex. Throughout the event a variety of SVAKOM products were placed on display for attendees to take a look at, interact with, and ask any questions they may have. Working together to bake food made for a super relaxed environment where women could voice their concerns or talk about their activities in the bedroom.


We know the Spanish love a late brunch so the event took place from 2pm-5pm with drinks provided so everyone could let loose and have some fun. Our top priority was to make the event a safe-space for women to share about their experience with sex-toys, masturbation, and sex in general.


As the event progressed, we noticed passersby often stopping to check out what was going on, and some even coming in to ask questions as to when the next one might be! It’s amazing seeing a community so engaged in pursuing a better and healthier sex-life.


It may come as no surprise to learn that our Connexion Series was one of the most popular, attendees loved the APP-controller features and the different modes it allowed, especially the long-distance connection they can use with partners. Ella Neo found itself to be the star of the show as attendees loved its small design and powerful vibrations.


Panakery shared with us that even after the event had concluded they still had plenty of requests asking when the next one would be. Overall, the event was a lots of fun with a light-hearted attitude towards all things sex! We’re eager to set-up another one but time will have to tell on that!