Amazing Tips on How to Sexily Strip Tease for Your Partner

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Are you considering renewing the sexual vibe in your relationship by strip teasing for your partner? You are not alone. Thousands of couples across the world had, at one time, had to add more erotic fun to their relationship by seductively stripping before their partners.

Stripteasing is far more than just hurriedly taking off your clothes in front of your partner. No, the undressing has to be done with a sexually provocative edge, with the sensual mood enhanced by the background scenery and the choice of clothes you would be taking off. 

  In this explicit guide, we will take you through all you need to know about strip teasing. We will be exploring proven techniques that are sure to get your relationship erotically hot again, reviving your partner's sexual appetite.

How do you prepare for the striptease exercise?

In this section, we will take procedurally through how you can prepare for the strip show with your partner.

First, ensure the mood is right

Your striptease will lose a huge chunk of its appeal or efficiency if the mood is not set right. Don't rush into throwing your clothes off; remember it is a sensual show. The correct background elements must be present to produce the desired effects on your partner.



Your first concern should be the scene. Are you getting the right place for the show? The right location should essentially be where you have the comfort and privacy to "go wild". If you have kids around your home, you should use the bedroom to get more privacy since it is a mature show.

Well, if you don't have kids and other parties sharing your home with you, you can set the show just anywhere, in the living room or bedroom, so long you are convinced there would be no disruptive breaks in the course of the show.

Next, you should be considering the lighting of the scene. Yes, we are going this length because we want your partner to be terrifically turned on. Ample illumination is paramount to give your partner the appropriate visibility to see your sensual moves and sufficiently admire your body.

No, bright lights, we want the scene to be lustful, remember. We prefer you to replace those light sources with lamps and candles. It gives your body the perfect shade to set your partner on libidinous fire. If you choose to use your typical lamps, you can better customize them for the scene by draping the lampshades with thin fabrics. If you can't procure that, you can readily procure some tissues for the lampshade. 

    If you desire, you can amplify the seductive flavor of the scene by adding special scents to the room where you will be doing the show. You can choose to bring some special aphrodisiac essences or some scented candles. Some couples prefer incense enhanced with special scents to get the mood right. This will ramp up the sexual stimulation of your audience.

One thing we will like to point out here is to create ample clearance for your striptease show. You want to have enough room for your movement before the chair, sofa, or bed where your audience (which is your partner) would be positioned while you do your thing, working him/her up.

Great, we are almost through with setting the mood; the next thing would be the music for the show.

What songs you should go with?

The music is very crucial to the mood. More than the melodious component, the song decides your rhythm and moves, setting the overall tempo of the striptease show. When choosing the song, you should be emphatic about the sensual and smooth ingredient – however salient. Your best choice should be romantic songs with a pronounced erotic edge enough to get you "dirty".  

Here are some fantastic songs that would work excellently for your striptease show

Def Leppard: Pour Some Sugar on Me

This incredible song is perfect for you to strut for your partner seductively. We have a special preference for this song because the "Pour some sugar on me" lyric is just befitting for the show. You can maximize this by getting a wine bottle.

Pop it open as the song plays in the background, seductively licking the rim of the bottle. Next, drink from the bottle sensually to get the liquid flowing drooling down your chin to your throat. Execute the performance so that the wine drenches your clothes, necessitating you to remove your clothes slowly. 

   Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire

This famed song has a compelling erotic component. Its suggestive lyrics and beats set the temp for a slow seductive walk to your partner, invading his/her privacy, allowing your partner to get a closer feel of your body. Remember to be well scented for this move.


Britney Spears: I'm a Slave for You

This song makes a hot show of desperation for your partner. The underlying theme is the extent you can go to mad for your partner. Admittedly, this song is more befitting for a lady trying to show her deep craving for her man.

To maximize the erotic element of this song, you would need to go all fours and seductively crawl to your man (or partner) in a typical alligator push-up technique. You would simultaneously move your left arm with your right leg forward in a sexy push-up manner, following it up by moving your right arm forward along with your left leg. While doing this, maintain strong eye contact with your partner. This will flame him up for a ravaging sexual encounter.  

What you need to striptease for your man

Traditionally, a striptease is more of a woman's thing than a man's. Why? Women are more naturally sexually endowed than the average man. More than that, the woman has an ampler suite of accessories to leverage to maximize the aphrodisiac effect of the show on the man.

Some of these accessories include going with seductive panties (that allow you to reveal more delicate details enticingly), lace stockings, and transparent bras. The general idea behind this choice of accessories is pumping up your erotic aggression, putting up a sexually provocative show.

  If you know your man loves you on a specific make-up, get it on. Also, allow your hair loosen up a bit to amplify that lewd edge of the striptease, making you appear less corporate.   

  It is advisable to invest in new lingerie, some lovely high heels, and underwear. The coloring majorly depends on the precise taste of your man. The most prevalent colors women go with for a striptease is black or red underwear, but if your man has a particular turn-on for pink, then go for pink accessories. 

   Some creativity will immensely help here. An overcoat, seductive corset, a garter belt, and some revealing gloves can be excellent additions. You can wear fishnet jumpsuit. Remember, we want to get him maximally aroused. Don't be shy, he is your man, isn't he?

While going the distance to please your man, you must not excessively sacrifice your convenience. Preferably, go with accessories you can manage. Yes, be sophisticated but only wear costumes you can easily take off without disrupting the show.

Also, don't forget these costumes need to be removed sensually, not hurriedly. If you are new to it, you can practice on your own. Get your favorite song on, and carefully take off your clothing in front of the mirror, measuring your expertise and seductiveness in doing it, while working your hips. If you are satisfactorily impressed with your performance, you can proceed to put up the show for your man.

    What you need to striptease for your woman

Yes, your woman would love to see you seductively taking off your clothes. Don't feel bad if you have not got that ripped body of Chris Hemsworth. So long the sensual moves are appreciably replicated, your woman should be turned on.

As a man doing a striptease for his woman, you admittedly don't boast as many accessories as the woman, but you can make do with some creativity. As a man, you need to put up a sexy role play. Prevalent ideas include dressing up like a bartender, a fireman, or even the cops!

     Yes, you would need costumes like a tuxedo, some suits, and your tie. There is enough flexibility here, as a lot depends on the mood you are aiming for. As basic of a striptease, there must be a slowed revealing of your body as you want the sexual excitement to mount with each clothing apparel you take off. This will get your woman more increasingly sexually desiring of you.

Ensure to practice your moves before performing before your woman. You want to appear masterful in your craft to get her sex hormones gushing. Feel free to resort to movies or videos for better inspiration to get your stuff right.

   There we are! Wasn't that an exciting striptease guide? Remember, keep it slow and steady all through the show, hurry kills the vibe. Possibly, to get your partner curious when coming for the show – if the striptease is a surprise – you can send your partner a suggestive message or picture to get him or her some cue of the erotic party ahead. The perfect climax to the striptease is unforgettable sex, getting you both to that sexual paradise, climaxing back to back. Enjoy!