FemTech Japan Health Expo

Posted by SVAKOM 28/02/2022 0 Comment(s) Official blog,

We are overjoyed to have seen such success at the FemTech Health Expo in Japan – active from Feb 8th, 2022 – Feb 10th, 2022.


Presenting our products alongside more mainstream products has helped boost our desire to bring sex toys and masturbation into the mainstream, highlighted as wellness and health products.


Throughout the Expo, different people approached the display presented by Mirai Colors, being offered our very own Tulip as a keepsake. The interactions were casual and normal, the same way you would discuss any other health product.


Mirai Colors spoke highly about SVAKOM’s Nova Kegel Balls, relaying the attendees high-interest in the toys whilst also reminding us that this is a first for an Expo of this nature. Displaying sex toys in public, in the open – free from shame or embarrassment, is one of the first steps to creating a more sex-positive approach to discussion of masturbation and sexual wellness.


“Pleasure toys have never been exhibited in such a general place”


“… High-end pleasure toys are not widely recognized in Japan, and many visitors were surprised at the high-quality design of SVAKOM products”


Hearing people praise our products sparks pride in us, especially seeing this recognition in an environment based around improving one’s health.


“pleasure toys [are] rapidly becoming more recognized as sexual wellness items – as opposed to joke goods”


Keep talking about sex, keep talking about sexual wellness, and keep talking about SVAKOM! We’re more motivated than ever before to keep creating amazing products perfect for improving your sexual health!