Four easy steps to try the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) tonight

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Have you heard of coital alignment technique (CAT)?

In the summer of 1988, a research study clearly demonstrated that making some simple adjustments to the classic missionary man-on-top position could significantly increase the likelihood that women would experience orgasm during intercourse and also increase the chances of partners to have simultaneous orgasms. This technique was even hyped as the “cure” for female sexual dysfunction.

How to do the coital alignment technique

Step 1: Just like the standard missionary position, the penetrating partner lies on top. For two partners with vaginas, this position can be adapted by using sex toys or dildos for penetration.

Step 2: The penetrating partner changes the body position by moving upward on the receiving partner’s body (which is different from missionary). The top partner's chest should align with the bottom partner's shoulders.

Step 3: Once in position, the top partner rests their weight on the bottom partner, as opposed to using their arms to hold themselves up—This way, friction and pressure on the clitoris will be ideal to reach an orgasm due to continuous stimulation.

Step 4: When the penetrating partner inserts a penis or sex toy, it will point more downward into the vagina rather than upward, as in the standard missionary position.

Some extra tips:

This position is not based on thrusting, as in the missionary position. Genital contact is maintained by a rhythmic, coordinated rocking, which creates constant pressure on the clitoris. 

Focus on connecting with your partner. Don't be afraid to let your partner know what's not working, or what could work even better. Remember, when it comes to sex, communication is key.