A how-to stimulate your perineum guide for vagina owners

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When we talk about perineum stimulation in a sexual context, the first thing that comes to mind is penile orgasms.

Truth is, people with vagina ALSO have a perineum that can be stimulated for sexual purposes and end up having another type of orgasm, the perineum orgasm.
So that's the great news, perineum orgasms are possible for everybody (Look how amazing the human body is!)
But first, what is the perineum and where is located?

"The perineal sponge is a spongy cushion of tissue and blood vessels found in the lower genital area of women. It sits between the vaginal opening and rectum and is internal to the perineum and perineal body."


And in penis-owners, it sits above the prostate gland, so it’s a great way to stimulate the prostate without penetration.


Best ways to stimulate your perineum

- Stroking: Long strokes around the area are an easy but effective way to stimulate this area.
- Oral sex: licking in long, slow strokes, is also a highly pleasurable way to explore this area.
- Gentle scratching: using your fingers.
- Massage: moving your fingers in circular motions at shallow and then gradually deeper levels, or a ‘vibrating’ movement with the whole fist in the area.

Combined with clitoris, G-spot or penis stimulation is said to be capable of dramatically increasing the intensity of your orgasm, and can lead to a blended orgasm.


Self-massage on perineum area

1. Put your thumbs about 2.5cm to 4cm just inside the back wall of your vagina.
2. Press down towards your anus and to the sides. You should feel a bit of a stretching feeling.
3. Hold this stretch for about one to two minutes.
4. Gently massage the lower part of your vagina for roughly two - three minutes, focusing on relaxing your perineum.
5. Enjoy!

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Other tips for beginners:

Lubricate your perineum: Put some lube (or oil, if you are going for only external stimulation) on your perineum and the lower part of your vaginal opening. This helps to make the massage more comfortable.


Take your time: In the end, this is a journey of self-discovery, and you don’t need to master it at first try. Just embody your feelings and follow your instincts, and you will have a very rewarding feeling in the end.



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