Dora - Sales Manager Asia Pacific

Posted by SVAKOM 07/07/2020 0 Comment(s) SVAKOM Crew Testimonials,

My name is Dora, I have been working in SVAKOM for more than 4 years. I still remember that day when I got a call from SVAKOM to have a job interview. After the call, I went to SVAKOM’s official website. intimate lifestyle products? vibrator? what the hell are these things? To be honest, I have never seen or heard the word vibrator before, let alone to use one. Driven by curiosity, I came for the interview. When the manager turned on a vibrator, and asked me to feel the vibration on my hands. It was a very strange feeling, embarrassed when the power of it running through all my body, but at the same time, I knew I kinda liked it.

After joining SVAKOM team, like slogan claims “Explore your limits”, I started exploring all kinds of limits and that opened a new world for me.

The first step was to learn all the words related to the products, like clitoris, vagina, penis, perineum. There is even a small board in the office where my foreign workmates wrote the words down, and I have to read them loudly every day when I came in to the office.

Next step was to try the products. SVAKOM toys are very elegant and premium looking, also are made of body safe silicone so, even as a beginner, it was very comfortable and easy to use them, and pleasure-wise... something that I’ve never experienced before. Many girls are worried, when using a vibrator, and think to themselves “Will I be addicted to it?” “Will I don’t want to be with a partner any more” There is an opinion I read somewhere can answers these questions. Imagine it’s like a ping pong game, sometimes you need to practice by yourself, and sometimes you need to battle with an opponent.

When I was young, we didn’t have sex education at school, and our parents always switch the channels once people were kissing on TV shows so, in our minds, sex is a shameful thing and we’re too shy to speak out our desire. Now I realize that getting to know your body and explore your sensitive parts with toys is liberating, empowering and healthy. The more I use the toys, the more that I realize that it’s not shameful but sexy to please yourself. When I changed my job here, my best friend asked me “what do you do now?” I told her “I’m in the sex toy industry”. She was completely speechless and I, straight away, asked her if she wanted to try any. “No no no!”, she was totally freaking out. After I shared my experience with her, I decided to send her a Cici, now she actually likes it a lot. Don’t knock it till you try it! Haha. I still need to try and use Primo though, an anal plug that scares me a little but I know I will use it someday because I lose a bet to Carl :)

It is an amazing journey to be in this industry and meet people from all around the world. I still remember being really touched when one of our distributors told me: “this is different from other brands, I’m always so happy to order SVAKOM, SVAKOM is always No. 1 in my mind”. In the fairs, there are always customers coming to our booth and tell us that they’re big fans of SVAKOM, and love to use our toys. I think that’s the ultimate goal for our brand, to be loved by our customers. And that motivation strives us to constantly improve within ourselves and as a team.

Work hard, play hard. I’m looking forward to keep exploring more limits with SVAKOM, always together.