Lubricant - friend or foe?

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Why lube is a key player in your intimate adventures.

  Lubricant is a something that provides comfortable penetration and prolonged gliding during sex. It has a protective function, preventing irritation and protecting mucous membranes from micro-injuries, through which the infection can enter the body. Lubricant, or lube, is used for several reasons:

- If there is a problem with natural vaginal lubrication during sex, lube on hand is sure to come to the rescue;

- Using sex toys;

- During masturbation;

- Most spontaneous sexual experiments without good lubrication risk failure, so it is better to be reassured;

- Anal sex;

- If you have a vagina and you use Kegel balls, tampons or menstrual cups, the lube comes in handy here, too.

"Dry" intercourse has a lot of negative consequences, including the formation of micro tear. Damage to the mucosa entails the penetration of infections and the development of serious diseases.

Alternative methods for "lubrication" are not recommended. For the full performance of its protective functions, the mucous membrane of the genitals must be in an acidic environment, this provides a reliable barrier against many bacterial and viral agents circulating in the environment. When creams and oils are used as a lubricant, the level of acidity gradually decreases, allowing bacteria to multiply freely. As a result, inflammatory processes develop in the genitals, which with a decrease in overall immunity and sufficient virulence of the flora can cause more serious problems associated with inflammation of the internal genital organs.

Therefore, use lubricants will avoid problems, as well as provide a comfortable and pleasant sensation.

Types of lubricants

Lubricants are divided into three main types:

· water-based;

· silicone-based;

· oil-based·

Water-based lubricants are the most common. Their advantages are absence of taste and smell (if not flavored), low cost, they can be used with condoms and any sex toys. They are easy to wash off with soap water, leave no stains or hard to remove marks. Another advantage is that they are hypoallergenic. But such lubricants evaporate quickly or are absorbed, which requires repeated application during intercourse.

Lubricant on the silicone basis is much slower drying and more economical, as well as forms a thin film on the surface of the body. But this can be attributed to its disadvantages, because it stains the bedclothes and clothes. Silicone lubricant is recommended to rinse thoroughly after use, as well as to avoid its contact with sex toys, because it reacts to the silicone material of the toys. But it does not cause any harm to condoms.

Oil-based lubricants are characterized by a soft consistency and good absorption. On sale are rare because incompatible with latex products, not suitable for safe sex, dirty linens and clothes. Oil-based intimate gels are more suitable for massage and foreplay.

Still there is a combination options: for example, lubricant on a water-silicone base. They are good that combines the advantages of both varieties of lubricants, providing a longer and better gliding. But it is still necessary to remember that silicone negatively affects the coating of sex toys.

Forms of release

Gel - the most common and easy to use type of lubricant. This kind of lubricant is the closest in consistency to the natural lubricant secreted by the vagina. The gel may contain vitamins and healing components. Therefore, it can be used after sex as a restorative tool.

The gel may contain glycerin. Such a lubricant is contraindicated for women prone to fungal diseases. This is because getting glycerin in the vagina can create an ideal environment for the development and reproduction of fungus.

Cream is a popular option for beginners. It is not too quickly absorbed, it is economical and contributes to the maximum relaxing effect during anal sex. But this form of lubricant is poorly compatible with condoms and is not recommended for use with sex toys.

Sprays are the most convenient to use lubricants. To spray them, you need to make a few clicks on the cap of the jar. Sprays are very quickly absorbed, so they are applied two to three minutes before contact. This allows you to have prolonged sexual intercourse without loss of sensation for both partners. The sprays work well with condoms.


Types and purpose


  1. 1. Moisturizing. They make it easier to glide during intercourse, reducing the risk of mucosal damage. These creams are designed to help partners with insufficient natural lubrication.
  2. 2. Antiseptic Gels. These are products containing useful medicinal substances. They protect the genitals from possible allergic reactions, irritations, and sexually transmitted diseases.
  3. 3. Exciting. These lubricants due to the content of natural aphrodisiacs after application stimulate the blood flow to the genitals. They are recommended at the stage of preliminary caressing.
  4. 4. Lubricants with a flavoring. They have a wide variety of different flavors and scents. Suitable for creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere during sexual intimacy. Suitable for oral caresses.
  5. 5. Prolongators. Able to significantly prolong sexual intercourse. The action of these creams is designed for 20-30 minutes. It is recommended to use the product with a condom, so that its anesthetic effect does not affect the sensations of the woman. Creams with prolonged action is better not to use at every sexual intercourse. With prolonged use they can be addictive.
  6. 6. Contraceptive lubricants. Contraceptive lubricants help protect against unwanted pregnancy. The cream contains spermicides, which destroy sperm cells, reducing the likelihood of fertilization of the egg. In the instructions, the manufacturer usually indicates how to use the product correctly. Lubricants with contraceptive effect are recommended for use by permanent sexual partners. For casual intercourse, it is better to use barrier methods of contraception.
  7. 7. Anal gel lubricants. Used to reduce the discomfort of anal sex. They provide good gliding of the penis, do not absorb for a long time, moisturize the mucous membrane, protecting it from microtrauma and tearing.


Pay attention

- Before buying a lubricant, you should pay attention to the expiration date, as well as the composition of the lubricant. Refrain from buying intimate cream if it contains any of the following substances:

· Parabens. The properties of these substances resemble estrogen. Their presence in the cream may provoke various skin and mucosal irritations, cause allergies.

· Glycerin. Too much of this substance dries mucous membranes and may cause thrush. Creams with glycerin after drying leaves a sticky coating on the skin.

· Sugar. More often added to the composition of fragrance gels. The additive causes damage to the skin, increases the risk of fungal infections.

· Mineral oils. Like paraffin, these substances are not absorbed by the skin, clogging its pores and disrupting the process of natural lubrication during intercourse.

· Propylene glycol. The additive is prohibited for use in many countries, as it causes allergies, burning and discomfort upon contact with skin and mucosa.

· Phenoxyethanol. Excessive preservative content leads to reproductive health disorders.


- Remember that lubricant must be applied to the surface of the condom, not under it, otherwise it may slip during intercourse.

- Use only special oral lubricants for oral caressing - they are edible and will not harm you if they get into your stomach.

- After sex it is recommended to wash off the remains of lubricant from the surface of the body with warm water and soap. This rule is especially important if you have used warming lubricants and silicone-based products.

- It is not recommended to use lubricants with anesthetic effect during anal stimulation. They only dull your sensations, while increasing the risk of cracks and other damage.

- Only buy products from proven or well-known brands. In the composition of intimate gels of low quality, manufacturers often include dyes and perfumes. They cause discomfort during intercourse, disrupt the vaginal microflora, and increase the risk of various infections. For owners of sensitive skin, such products cause an allergic reaction.

Before you use the cream-lubricant as directed, conduct a little test. Apply a couple of drops of the gel on the elbow bend and wait 15-20 minutes. If in the area of application during this time there are no signs of irritation, you can use intimate gel during intercourse.