Sex Toys – Do’s & Don’ts

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The world of sex toys can seem complicated at a glance. With so many different types, each for other regions and uses, it can be hard to know what you should and shouldn’t do when looking for or using a sex toy. So here, we hope to ease some of your woe’s while in the market, with a few handy do’s and don’ts.




Let’s start by airing out the bad before we move on to the good. Sex toys are all about having fun and letting yourself (or your partner) unwind.


- Get a cheap or unbranded product


We all have our own specific budgets, and sex toys certainly don’t need to be these expensive, over-the-top gizmos for them to be enjoyed. But employ a little common sense when in the market for your first (or new) sex toy. If you’re looking to order online and find one at a super low price, with no brand attached to it, there’s a good chance it could cause problems down the line. From using unsafe and unregulated materials to electric malfunctions, you really don’t want to be putting sketchy stuff down under.


- Go too hard, too fast


Sex toys are for pleasure, an experience, a moment to yourself that feels good. If you dive straight into the deep end, you can find yourself too far out of depth. If you are looking for your very first taste of self-pleasure or looking to spice up a relationship, then take the time to start slow and decide what’s right for you.


- Form a ritual


Now bear with me here. I know this one sounds strange. Try not to form a ritual with your use of sex toys. When a ritual is formed, it can negatively affect sex and more standard masturbation – getting your body into a routine that it cannot break out of. Certainly, go and enjoy sex toys to the full extent; they are designed for a good time. But if you can only achieve sexual pleasure when using a sex toy in a very specific way? Now that can be a problem. Explore what you like, try new toys and new kinks; sex is an adventure. Just make sure you still know the basics.


- Force on someone else


This one should really go without saying, but don’t force someone else to use a sex toy. Don’t. You may get your hands on a brand-new toy, eager to try every possibility. But remember, everyone has their own comfort zone, and sometimes new things need some warming up. Propose using them to your sexual partners, but listen if they say they’re not ready or don’t want to.




With all that out of the way, let’s go into the good practices to employ and things to do when in the market for, or using sex toys!


- Your research


There are a lot of sex toys out there and plenty of different brands and retailers. Check websites, reviews, listen to your friends or people online (those thirst follows on Instagram can be good for something). Devour people’s reactions and feelings towards different toys and decide which one is right for you and won’t end up money down the drain.


- Check for skin irritations


You would be surprised by what can irritate the skin. It’s important to check what materials your new toy is made of and keep an eye for any issues going on where they make contact. If you see any irritation, rash, or general problems – stop using the toy and see if it gets any better; if not, go and see a doctor!


- Choose the right lube


This one can trick many people, but there are different lubes out there made with different bases. Also, when using sex toys, you should always be sure to use water-based lubricants. These are not only good for you and your skin but won’t cause any damage to your toys. No damage, less chance of bacteria forming and causing you problems downstairs!


- Enjoy yourself!


The absolute most crucial thing here is; enjoy every moment. Sex toys are there to make us feel good about ourselves, experience new sensations, and just feel great. They can bring lots of other benefits, but if you’re not having fun, then something is wrong. Maybe the toy you have simply isn’t for you; maybe you need to consider using it differently. Take some time to think about why you aren’t having a fantastic time, isolate the problem, and see what can be done. It’s all about having a good time.