SVAKOM x No Taboo Vision Luncheon

Posted by SVAKOM 22/03/2021 0 Comment(s) Brand News,Official blog,

SVAKOM always encourage and highlights the importance of sex education and that’s why, we were extremely pleased to be a part of the Vision Talk, an incredible event organized by Marysya Gorobets and our Ukraine partners “No Taboo”, to discuss everything from sex trends of the last couple of years all the way to a very serious talk about the glorious G-spot and all its magic.

This event proved, once again, that a discussion of a rather sensitive topic for some, can actually be addressed with candor and take place in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by friends who, like SVAKOM, want to destigmatize sexuality and pleasure in a familiar environment. People from different backgrounds and career paths gathered during the first weeks of March to express their desire to expand their knowledge in sexual education and to share their experiences with other participants.

The guest speakers at this magnus event were Angela Zaporozhets, sex coach and owner of "No Taboo" boutique chain, and the renowned gyno-esthetician, doctor Tatiana Shevchuk. Together they opened the conversation about the benefits of sex devices and their use. All participants could get acquainted with a variety of toys, take a closer look and get familiar with the textures and structures. Each of the attendees received a surprise gift box where they could find SVAKOM products. "I will definitely try this toy," said one of the girls, taking the Angel vibrator in her hands.

"I believe in female strength and I believe that together we can do anything. That's why I love attending themed breakfasts...where a lot of women - beautiful, stylish, intelligent come together," said one participant.

Angela Zaporozhets began her presentation with an explanation of sexual trends, explained to all the guests the role of sex devices in a couple's relationship, the benefits of using toys solo, and then moved smoothly to the demonstration part. Some of the participant had never used a sex device or have never been to a sex shop, so for them the demonstration of toys and a detailed story about what they are designed for or how to use them was one of the most exciting and interesting parts.

"The announcement of the breakfast really captivated me and I could not miss it, - said Nadezhda Khrusch- It was a frosty morning, and in the center of Kiev, the meeting of beautiful girls in all its glory. We are all so beautiful and so different. Each of us has a successful business or several. We are all fulfilled and holistic and have so much to share with each other."

Doctor Tatiana Shevchuk, commented with us after the event too "On Monday we had the greatest Vision Breakfast ever, we discussed sex trends and top toys. In addition, we tried to navigate together the complications and benefits of the G-spot. When we talk about G, I still prefer to say "the G zone" though, by the way, did you know that it was first “discovered” in the last century by scientist Ernst von Greffenberg? In fact, the G stands after him... isn’t that fascinating? There are still so many things to teach and learn from each other and I can’t wait for the next event"

We know the future holds so many more of these groundbreaking events and, as a brand, we will be more than happy to keep joining forces with this inspiring group that encourages everyone involved to talk, share and thrive in so many aspects of life. Sexual education is a must and we are here for it!