The Ultimate Guide to Having Thrilling Outdoor Sex

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It takes a bit of bravery to attempt outdoor sex because of the social and legal implications. Undoubtedly, it is not conventional to see a couple "digging it" in the park.

However, we can't deny that lust for adventure lurking inside every one of us tempts us to try outdoor sex at least once in our lifetime. It is an act we'd love to cross off our bucket list, right?

Outdoor sex is so much more than just having a roll in the hay and throwing your clothes off in the open. You'd have to contend with the weather: come rain or shine, deal with animals snakes bees and whatever else coming your way alongside grappling with dehydration and the occasional voyeur out to enjoy the view. 

Fortunately for you, there are many ingenious ways to have outdoor sex without going to jail or the hospital. Ride along with us in this  thrilling guide to see the most exciting ways to have sex in the wild.


Avoid Getting Caught

The chance of getting caught amplifies the pleasure of having sex out in the open. As thrilling as this might be, you should avoid getting caught. 

The implication of getting busted while having sex in public may be as little as paying a fine or as high as going to jail. It is pertinent to understand the laws of your state and country to avoid the long arms of the law.

Even if no one informs the police, there is a good chance your moment of indiscretion could end up on the Internet, which might have a worse implication for you in the future.

Location Please?

   Now you know the difference between having sex in the wild and having wild sex in public, it is worthwhile to know lovely places where you can have some great outdoor fun.

Share the woods with the trees

  According to local folklore, "In ancient times, only the elites had sex indoors because they were rich enough to afford private rooms. Every other person did it in the woods." Haha!

  The woods nearest to your location is the ideal place to have great outdoor sex. You're alone with your partner, hidden, and no one can hear you because of the forest! It is the best place to go wild and awaken your inner free spirit.

  How about the beach?

   The beach in summer is another place worth considering. The inviting heat of the soft sands and the undulating waves are scenic temptations you must explore. However, you'd need to pick out an isolated spot far away from the sunbathers to give yourself some privacy.

  Yes, you can try it out right beneath the stars! 

  One of the most romantic ways to spend an evening is to lay down with your lover and watch the stars. 

  But do you know you can also make love to your heartthrob beneath the stars? It sounds like a fairy tale but feels like magic. One thing is sure; it will be a memory you will never forget.

  Go aquatic

  If you both enjoy swimming, you can get a little more creative by doing it in the water. You don't have to pollute your house pool to accomplish this act. Ideally, you should try this on the beach where there's little risk of discovery under the waterline.

  A note of caution: do not try this if there's a reason to be wary of jellyfish or sharks.



Come prepared

  Although spontaneity makes for a tremendous sexual story, the best way to have sex in the outdoors is to come prepared. Bring along with your a blanket, lube, and towels. It will keep you from cutting hands and feet on jutting surfaces like rocks, seashells, roots, and pebbles.

  Camping is an excellent opportunity to have outdoor sex. Pack all the necessities of sleeping outdoors and head out with your lover.

  Remember to bring items like condoms, dental dams, baby wipe, and lube. Remember to take care of your trash by burning or carefully wrapping up and taking it back with you. The last thing you'd want is an unwary bear choking on your used condom or kids picking it up!

  Be liberated

  For starters, sex in the outdoors is not for the close-minded. That being said, you'd have to go with the flow, trying out sexual techniques as they come to you. 

  You can spoon your partner beneath the blankets, which to passersby may look like a harmless cuddle. A quickie with her back pressed up against the wall will make you feel that much is closer to nature.

  Now you know a thing or two about having sex in the great outdoors; the next step is to see if it is worth it or not.

  Benefits of Outdoor Sex  

  • The memories: Outdoor sex makes for great fireside stories in the future.
  • The adrenaline flooding through your veins makes for a more heightened and intense sexual experience.
  • Outdoor sex is one way to commune with nature.

  Drawbacks of Outdoor Sex  

  • It is not nearly as comfortable as indoor sex in your bedroom.
  • There are many hazards out there in the wild, like bears, snakes, or poison ivy.
  • You could get caught.

  Positions for Outdoor Sex

  Outdoor sex is not the exclusive preserve of trail hikers or randy teenagers looking for a place to hook up away from parental observation. 

  To have sex in the wild is to be free, liberated, wild, and also exhilarating. But unlike the occasional spontaneous quickie when no one is watching, outdoor sex requires more forethought. There are four rules for outdoor sex:

  • Play safe
  • Seek consent
  • Don't break the law
  • Be prepared

  Once you're acquainted with the rules above, you can try the following sex positions for an enhanced experience:

  1. Pickup Truck

  No matter where you are, chances are, there's a pickup truck nearby. While it is not lovely to defile any other pickup truck except yours, the important thing is to ensure you get a covering to stay hidden or stay well below the line of sight. 

  Your woman lays flat on her back with you on top of her. You may do without those vigorous thrusting movements to prevent the truck from rocking and avoid suspicion. A better idea is to use your vehicle and drive to a more secluded location if you really want to damn modesty and go hardcore.

  2. Benchwarmer

Although this position comes with high risk, it is worth pulling off. The man sits on the bench while the woman positions her body so that she's sitting over his penis. 

The ideal scenario is for both parties to go commando, limiting suspicion by passersby while allowing for ease of entry.

3. Tree Pose

It is only natural to use a tree for outdoor sex because it is straight and sturdy. This makes it the perfect prop for standing sexual positions. 

In this position, the woman is standing with her body facing the tree while her lover positions himself from her behind. It is a rear-entry position that can be spiced up with the partners face to face in close embrace. 

The woman places her back against the tree while facing the man. One or both of her legs may be wrapped around his waist while he provides support.

4. Bushwhacker

This sex position is ideal for the lady who doesn't want her clothes all rumpled up from a toss in the hay. The man kneels on the ground while she straddles him by wrapping her legs tightly around his waist.

  His hands support her butt with her feet planted firmly on the ground. This position is excellent for women who enjoy being in control to dictate the tempo and depth of penetration.

5. Back Alley Bliss

Having an intimate time on top of a dumpster doesn't sound so hygienic, but desperate times sometimes call for urgent solutions. The dumpster in the back alley can be improvised as a table with the lids securely shut. 

You can place her on top of the trash while giving her some oral pleasure before finishing up in the standing position.

6. Picnic Spread

An outdoor table can come right when you are alone with your lover. Place her on the high elevation of the table with her legs spread apart facing the man. 

For closer intimacy, she might opt to wrap one or both her legs around his waist for better friction. Another idea is to place a thick blanket on the table to prevent chaffing.

7. The Elevator

Outdoor sex doesn't mean you cannot have a good time in an enclosed space. The elevator is one place where you can get freaky - don't worry too much about the cameras. 

As the lady, you have to kneel in front of your man as he unbuttons his fly. Place your lips on his shaft and suck him off before you get to the designated floor. The elevator is an oral position that is ideal for both sexes.

Other Ways to Maximize your Outdoor Thrill

1. Lots of lube

As a general rule, women take longer to get aroused in comparison to men. Because you're outdoors, there's never enough time to get her suitably excited. Lube also comes in handy, especially if you are going to try anal sex in the outdoors.



2. Get a Vibrator

If your outdoor sex is a quickie, you might want to carry along a vibrator. She can get hers while you get yours

  Also, remember that sex in the outdoors doesn't have to be penetrative. A vibrator is one way to spice up the fun while ensuring both parties have a memorable time.

3. Turn it into a fantasy

What's an outdoor quickie without some psychological stimulation? Pretend you both are strangers meeting for the first time. 

Tease each other with erotic words until you can't wait to tear your clothes off. Then play out your fantasy in any place that's secluded and quiet. Psychological stimulation is a significant turn on for her and is a significant boost to help her reach climax.

There you go! This is an encompassing guide to get you cumming your brains out in that memorable (and safe) outdoor sex. Try this out and thank us later!