The Ultimate Guide to Having Unforgettable Sex in Water

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Sex in water is one experience we are all guilty of having on our bucket list. There is this epic erotic feel of making love in the water as you watch the glow of the sunset. 

That sounds hot, right? You may have watched it in the movies or on social media, but sex in the water takes a lot more work than meets the eye.

  Hey, don't fret yet! This guide will be your tell-all, giving you all the details to enjoy that memorable water sex experience you have been dreaming of for ages.

Tips for Having Sex in Water


Firstly, it is necessary to understand that making love underwater comes with a few technical challenges, but that doesn't stop enthusiasts from fantasizing about it.

  Anything worth doing is worth doing well, so follow these tips and tricks to plant your feet in the right foothold.

1. Leverage is Everything

  A complicated ordeal you must pass through before having sex in the water is to secure enough leverage or balance to thrust. Water has nice weightlessness to it when you want to swim, but that can be a massive challenge when you try to penetrate your partner. 

  You need to get props that can give you balance in water enabling you to thrust without discomfort. If you are in the pool, stay at the shallow section so your feet can be planted on the bottom, and you can lean on the edge.

   This is the easiest way for novices to enjoy the fun. More experienced parties may not need this foothold.

  2. Condom Caution

  This tip is handy for couples who want to have vaginal or anal intercourse and need to use a condom. Most condoms work in water, but they are more likely to slip off when wet. 

  The consequence of this is that you are more susceptible to STDs, STIs, and pregnancy exposure. Typical pool water contains chemicals like chlorine, and these chemicals can damage the integrity of the condom.

   If you decide to go ahead, your best bet is to use polyurethane condoms, which can better withstand such harsh chemicals. As hot as hot tubs sound, they are not a better alternative. 

  The heat of the water can weaken the condom, and that is why you are advised never to keep condoms in a wallet. If you cannot negotiate these risks, you may want to avoid having sex in water altogether.

  3. Lubrication is necessary

  There is this misconception most people have about having sex in water. Water is indeed wet, but that does not mean it will be as slippery as a water slide in the water park. 

The reality could not be more different. Underwater sex can wash off your body's natural lubrication, and that is the reason lube is a must.

  Many experts recommend the use of a silicone lubricant to ensure that all parts are sliding perfectly. Oil lube is good; however, it can be challenging to remove from the water, so silicone lube is most ideal.

4. Clean up Post Intercourse

  It is more important to clean up properly after that epic aquatic sexual escapade. This is more important than usual because the bacteria or chemicals can find their way into the man's urethra or woman's vagina.  And if the water is unsanitary, this can cause an infection. Ensure you pee after sex to flush out any unwanted properties in your body, drink lots of fluids - preferably water, and consider taking Urinary Tract Infection supplement. 5. Hot Tubs Only for Quickies 

  As inviting as it may seem, never do more than a quickie in a hot tub. Of course, hot tubs look cozy with the built-in seats that give you better leverage during intercourse. 

  However, hot tubs can put you at risk of overheating and, in rare cases, cause you an embolism if you use the jets. So whatever you do in the hot tub has to be snappy.

   6. No to Natural Water Bodies

  Let's face it; it is better to make sweet passionate love near the ocean than inside it. That is because the sea's saltiness can sting your privates and not forgetting teeming aquatic wildlife that cannot wait to get acquainted with your urethra.  Natural water bodies like oceans, lakes, and rivers contain many organisms that can cause severe pain and complications when they get inside your body.

  7. Consider Bathtubs and Shower

  Sex in water does not mean you have to be inside the water. You can have better fun with the shower on or with your bathtub. For starters, you would not have to worry about creepy crawlies getting into your hoo-ha. Neither will you be afraid to get caught or cleaning out the pool.


8. Avoid Anal Sex

  If there is one sex pattern you need to avoid in water, it is anal. Anal sex requires more attention and is messier than vaginal sex. There is the "stain" to consider, and that does not do well in water with fecal matter floating on the surface. If you have to, then ensure you clean up properly before you do.

  9. Foreplay is great 

  Intercourse may be a tough nut to crack underwater, but foreplay is a pleasurable past-time. You can caress and play with your partner inside the water and when you are ready, take the action somewhere more comfortable.

  Pros & Cons of Having Sex in Water

  Truth is, there are some great sides and not-so-great sides to having sex in water. Let us learn about them.


1. Sex in Water gives you the option to lay in comfort and be partially or submerged.

  2. There is a lot of room for you and your partner to enjoy. Whether vertically or horizontally, the choice is yours what technique to utilize.

  3. The freedom of the open water that is thrilling, adding another dimension to the pleasures of sex.


1. Having sex in the water can be the catalyst for STDs. The addition of chemicals like bath salts, oils, and bubbles may increase your risk of getting cancer.

  2. Sex in the water can increase the likelihood of pregnancy. Condoms are less secure when exposed to water.

  3. Sex in water can be hazardous, leading to exposure to foreign organisms that can harm your health.

  Things to Know About Having Sex in Water

Here are some things to note to keep you safer and healthier when you have water sex.

  Public water is Dirty water

Yep, you heard right. Pools may contain chlorine, but that does not stop the bacteria from getting in. A prevalent public health issue is the skewed pH levels that make it more difficult for disinfectants like chlorine to work. 

  The same applies to hot tubs. It is worse for natural water bodies like the ocean, which has become a dumping ground for refuse and garbage. It is, therefore, possible to pick an infection or disease when you ingest the water.

  There is a fatal risk

Sex in open water like oceans puts you at risk of drowning. Depending on how far out you are, there is a risk of losing balance and drowning at sea. 

You and your partner put each other at risk because a mistake by one can cause panic leading to both of you being in danger of drowning. There is also the risk of attack by sharks or getting stung by jellyfish in the middle of the fun.

It is not the easiest of exercises

Unless you have props about you, or you are an adept swimmer, sex in the water is arduous. Water has a buoyancy that inhibits balance.

  Lack of balance makes it almost impossible to thrust consistently. There is so much work that goes into having sex in water that, in most cases, the risks are not worth the reward.

Ejaculates in Water Cannot cause Pregnancy

If you are afraid of getting pregnant, use a condom. However, you need not have an excessive fear of ejaculates in water. It is almost impossible for sperm to swim through the water right up inside your vagina. 

This is especially true where the water is hot. There is a reason why sperm is stored in cold temperatures, and that is because high temperatures are capable of killing sperm instantly.

Underwater Sex Positions

The position for underwater sex depends on the type of water. Let us look through some befitting sex positions depending on the aquatic environment.



Bathtubs are a great way to have sex underwater. The best position is the horizontal spoon. 

In this position, the receiver sits on the giver's lap with their knees draped over their legs. This position is particularly beneficial where the receiver is a woman because it gives her partner easy access to her clitoris.

  If both parties enjoy oral sex, the giver may decide to sit inside the tub while the receiver sits on the edge with legs spread apart.


The pool is another infamous arena for underwater sex. However, there is not a lot of positions that can be practiced inside a pool. The best bet is the "Standing Spoon" position, which allows the receiver and giver to plant their feet on the ground for better leverage. 

In this position, the giver stays behind the receiver, penetrating from behind. The hands can be used to secure more power or to bring more pleasure by caressing the receiver's chest. Another position that is achievable in the pool is the doggy style. The receiver may decide to grab hold of the edges while the giver thrusts from behind.

Open Water

The best positions in the open water are underwater oral. In this position, one party swims underneath the other and performs oral. It is a discreet position that can be performed inside a crowded or public beach.

There we are! We hope you enjoyed the ride. Now, we are convinced you know all you need to have thrilling water sex, but more importantly, having safe sex where the risks don’t overwhelm the fun.