Ultimate Guide on How to Have an Epic Sex Role Play

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Role-plays are exciting in a relationship. You could put yourself in the place of a sick patient at the mercy of a sexy nurse who decides your best treatment is oral stimulation. Indeed, you can even have a partner who confesses a sexual attraction to a celebrity or movie character. The possibilities for role-plays are practically endless.

  In other cases, you can even have a collection of sexual fantasies spanning from your teenage years. Or you're a lost traveler who wanders into a jungle and gets turned into a sex slave by a lustful cannibal. How about you sexually re-enact them with your beloved partner?

  In this guide, we will extensively explore all the information you need to enjoy that memorable role play sex with your partner.

  Erotic Role Play

  This truth might hurt a bit, but yes, sex can indeed be boring. Observing the same sexual routine all the time can take the spark out of your relationship. There is no shame in admitting this; believe me, it doesn't mean you suddenly love your partner less.


The good news is that you can give your sex life the oomph it needs by incorporating erotic role play into your intimate life. Erotic role play spices up your relationship by tapping into your sexual fantasies. And if you have a great sex life, you can up the ante to make it even more special!

  There are fantasies you can bring to life. This spans through thrilling characters like acting a doctor, fireman, police officer, that sexy nurse, or anyone wearing a uniform. No doubt, a lot of the fantasies may revolve around seduction, master/slave, or dominant/submission concepts. 

  You may also enjoy performing fully-formed scenes that depart from the norm like alien tropes or settings that may be hazardous in reality. No matter what your kink is, role play can be enjoyed in myriad ways. It is all about your imagination.

  You and your spouse may act out a scenario with erotic potential and go wherever the passion leads you. Sounds like a great idea?

  Start with a Slow Burn

  Keep the modesty for the office, you and your partner can talk terribly dirty talk during foreplay or intercourse. It is fun, trust me!

  You may close your eyes while confessing a sexual scene that turns you on. Look into your partner for cues and clues about what they want and do not want during role play. 

  If he gets turned on when you call him a "naughty boy", up the ante by asking him how he has been naughty, spank him playfully if need be. Essentially, you should broaden the horizon of his imagination by pushing him on while adjusting your persona in ways that complete his erotic fantasies.


Talking dirty doesn't make you that spoilt freak! If you feel awkward talking dirty with your lover, you can practice by talking to a mirror. You do not have to feel silly. Once you begin to do it in context with your partner, it will be worth it.

   Role-play can start even when you are not close to each other. Dirty text messages at work or a steamy phone conversation can be the catalyst you need to get things going in the bedroom.

  Once you begin, you need to enhance the power of your description. The ability to describe particular details like the feel of leather on your skin or the luster of a belt buckle can spark a rush of libido in your partner. Role playing is eerily similar to theater. Once you act with your props, you'll feel more convinced you're an officer of the law arresting a "bad" boy.

  You must be able to motivate yourself for the role; your aim is to turn your lover on and for you both to climax in a more sexually charged way. Your character may have the objective to control, punish, or humiliate your partner's character, bountifully triggering arousal.

  Planning makes Perfect

  There is a whole different level of sexual satisfaction waiting for you when you add a little bit of planning to your role play. Your doctor's fantasy will bring you more pleasure if you purchase a white coat and stethoscope.

  The fireman uniform will be more believable if you put on a hard hat and big boots. Once you both are clear about your fantasies, you will get a better image of the accessories to purchase and the best setting for your erotic scene. Do you catch the drift?

  Set a date that gives you enough time to act out your fantasies to the end. Preferably one or two hours. Ensure that all windows are soundproof and prepare a cover story for the neighbors, just in case you need to explain.  

  Your play area must be stocked with lots of liquid accessories to stay hydrated with lubes, sex toys, props, and towels. Remember to give yourself adequate time to wind down after your activities.

  If there's going to be a surprise scene, you should plan it out carefully. The subject of the surprise should have a vague idea of what is about to happen, even if they do not necessarily know the finer details. You do not want to don your painfully sourced Chewbacca costume, and she comes home exhausted from a long day at work. Too bad!

  You might also consider public role play. This could be sitting down at a hotel bar to have a drink and falling for a stranger's seduction. Next, you spontaneously adjourn to his hotel room for a quickie because his flight leaves in three hours. How about that?

  Whatever you do, choose your public role-plays with care. Do not put yourself in a position where you end up in trouble, like the hotel staff calling the police because you are mistaken for an actual sex worker not knowing you are role-playing with your husband.

  Favorite erotic role-plays

  Below are a few roles (and the tools needed) you can play with your partner. And remember, let the roles inspire you to have serious fun!

  Cat Burglar

  Outfits include tightly fitted leather, boots, cat woman costumes, gloves, and a mask. Burglars may carry rope for climbing, may possess ninja fighting skills, sneak up on you from behind, or be caught in the act of being bad. 

  They may offer sex for their freedom, may subdue the victim, and have their way. Besides, cops do love to catch criminals, bend them over the hood of the car. You get the drift. 

   Quarterback, Cheerleader

  You can easily acquire a quarterback or cheerleader uniform online or in a thrift store. Quarterbacks are usually the star of the team, ogled by the cheerleader, and they can do "it" in the back seat of the truck after a game.


The cheerleader may also be the nervous virgin or the experienced slut looking to make a name for herself by being frisky with the most popular guy in school.

  Doctor, Nurse

  Who doesn't have hots for that terrifically hot doctor or sexy nurse? Doctors and nurses typically put on white uniforms, and you need these accessories for the role-play. Other accessories include stethoscopes, glasses, gloves, and a clipboard. 

  Doctors and nurses conduct sexual examinations, give oral treatment, and often come with a lubricant.

  Military personnel

  Want to be sexily heroic? The military personnel role-plays may just be great for you and your partner. These sets of professionals command respect. Their orders are obeyed without question. You can put your partner through boot camp, go on highly dangerous missions, take prisoners of war, or seduce rescued civilians.

  Dog, Horse, Pet

  You can train your human-dog, put them on a leash, and ask them to fetch. You can punish your pet for being a "bad dog" and make them drink from the bowl or hump people. Accessories include a riding crop, frisbee, and butt plugs.

Police officer

  Police officers, like military personnel, command respect. They put on dark uniforms with shiny belts, a walkie, baton, and polished shoes. 

  Handcuffs and fake guns should be for indoor play only; in public, displaying a phony gun may put you in serious trouble. In these role-plays, cops have the power to stop suspects, carry out a body search, threaten, intimidate, cuff, and collect sexual favors in exchange for freedom.

  Nun, Monk, Priest

  You can have access to these holy garments during Halloween. Priests and monks can hear confessions while nuns can get seduced and, in the process, lose their virginity.

  Delivery/Repair Man

  These men can show up at your door to fix a broken sink, carry out HVAC repairs, or deliver a "special" package. For this role-play, you can get accessories like a wrench, crowbar, dildo, lube, and butt plug. They can be seduced by horny wives while on the job, or curry sexual courtesies as payment for a job well done.

  Principal, Governess, Headmaster Teacher

  These set of people put on proper attire like a suit and tie or skirt and blouse. You need such accessories for this specific role-play.

  Sports teachers will wear shorts and a t-shirt with a whistle. Other accessories include pencils, pens, clipboards, black, whiteboards, and computers. To perfectly mirror this scenes, the school authority figures will have the power to offer detention, punish students for being bad, seduce students or be seduced by them, and collect sexual favors for grades.


  The hero is typically unafraid of danger and may save the victim from injury. The victim may wear torn clothing or may appear with no apparent injuries. The hero comes in to save the day while the victim rewards said hero or heroine with erotic escapades.


  Playing the role of a stranger can be exciting if played to perfection. You can meet anywhere, at a bar, cafe or in the park. Tease and flirt publicly like you've never met before. You can rendezvous somewhere close to the home and have mind-blowing sex.

  Conclusively, role-play is a great way to make things fresh. Remember to apply caution when planning out your scenes and have a safe word to protect each other from injury.