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SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
Product Name: SVAKOM ANGEL Flexible Double-motor Intelligent Warming G-spot & Clitoris Vibrator
Material: Ultra soft silicone + Body-safe ABS
Size: Φ33mm*191mm
Weight: 146g
Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Charging Time: 1 hour
Using Time: 3 hours
Water Repellency: IPX6 Waterproof
Vibrate Modes: 7+1
Intensities: 5
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
● Dual-motors for double pleasure
● Clitoral and G-spot stimulation
● Heating function
● Fully-covered by silicone and easy to clean
● SVAKOM intelligent mode
● 36 different frequencies
● IPX6 Waterproof design
● Eco- friendly materials
● Rechargeable
● Whisper quiet

Brief introduction
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL G-spot & Clitoris Vibrator is a versatile vibrator you do not want to miss. It is powerful, talented and elegant. It's ergonomically designed for easy holding. It has 2 super strong motors which can be used independently or in the company. It's ideal for stimulating the clitoris, G-spot and nipples. For tempting foreplay or breath-taking intercourse, for solo sex or playing with a partner, Angel will satisfy your every need.
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming VibratorHeating function

The built-in heating core in SVAKOM ANGEL Vibrator can heat up to 38℃/100°F. This warm touch makes it feel so real when it comes in contact with the human body. You can enjoy hot sex even during the cold winter.

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming VibratorDual motors for double pleasure

SVAKOM ANGEL Double-motor Vibrator has two separate and powerful motors inside the sleek, eco-friendly and ribbed silicone body. You're sure to get ultimate satisfaction from both internal G-spot and external clitoris stimulation.

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator35 vibration frequencies

With 7 vibrating modes, each with 5 levels of intensity, plus the intelligent mode, SVAKOM ANGEL Warming G-spot & Clitoris Vibrator has 36 different ways to bring you intense pleasure.

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming VibratorWhisper quiet

SVAKOM ensures the products meet the highest requirements. The motor must have a long life span and be powerful, but it also must be quiet. At under 50 decibels, you can barely hear it from more than 1 meter away.

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming VibratorIPX6 Waterproof

IPX6 – Protects from powerful water jets

SVAKOM ANGEL Flexible Clitoris Vibrator is splashproof of IPX6 level.  IPX6 Waterproof means SVAKOM ANGEL G-spot Vibrator Intelligent Warming Vibrator is protected from powerful water jets.

 When cleaning the product, clean the silicone part with floating water carefully. Due to the floating water that might cause water damage to the device, please clean with a dry cloth to wipe the metal and the charging port part.

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming VibratorRechargeable battery

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Vibrator is equipped with a lithium battery. It has a battery capacity of 650mAh which can be fully charged in 1 hour and provide about 3 hours of continuous pleasure. All SVAKOM products should be charged with the adapter of 5V/1A output voltage/current.

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming VibratorEco-friendly material

At SVAKOM, we are committed to protecting the environment. SVAKOM ANGEL Flexible G-spot Vibrator is made of body-safe silicone, to ensure safety and comfort. It passed all the strictest tests and reached high standards before getting introduced to the market.

SVAKOM ANGEL Intelligent Warming Vibrator
1 Year Warranty & 10 Year Quality Guarantee

1 Year Warranty
The 1-year warranty covers one year since the purchase date. If there is a quality problem during this period, you can claim and receive a free replacement. Noted that our warranty range includes the problems caused by material flaws, manufacturing flaws, and the parts that influence normal functioning. Damages caused by improper operation, overused abrasion and disassembling the product are excluded from our warranty range.

10 Year Quality Guarantee
The 10-year quality guarantee covers your product for the ten years subsequent to your 1-year warranty's expiration date. If you have a problem with your SVAKOM product (purchased from our official website) within this time, you will receive a 50% discount on your next purchase of an SVAKOM product.