Initiating Role-Play – For Beginners

Initiating Role-Play – For Beginners - Svakom Store

Have you ever had a fantasy you wanted to act out? Or Desperately wanted to try something outside the same positions and dirty talk? Well we’ve all been asked to participate in some variation of the `call me daddy` routine – but what if you want more?

First things first, role-play should always be consensual. Nothing is fun if one of the participants is unwilling. Start by introducing the concept to the person you want to try with, test the waters and gauge their interest – you don’t need to dive straight into it! Ask if they’ve ever wanted to try role play, this should give them the idea that you are considering it, and hey! Maybe they’ve been thinking about this as well.

Once you’ve got an idea of where the other person is at, and how interested they are, it’s a good time to bring up what you want to try with them. It’s important to do this before you start getting down to business. The heat of the moment can sometimes lead to mis-communication and feeling pressured to say yes. Sit down with your role-play partner of choice and tell them what you want to try.

 “I was wondering if we could give x a try? What do you think?”

The important thing here is to understand if the other person says no. This is not an invitation to try and persuade them, or to chip away at them until they agree. If they say no, and this is important to you or something you really want to try, then consider looking for a new partner you may be able to engage in role-play with.

Lastly, be clear and concise with what you want. Set your boundaries and listen to theirs, explain how you want to carry out the role-play and what the rules will be. Perhaps you want to try intruder role-play with the use of a blind-fold? Then make sure your partner knows whether or not you’re okay with someone else participating. Maybe you want to be picked up at a bar under different names and roles? Then make it clear how far your comfortable going in a public place, and where your limits are. 

Don’t be ashamed! Even if your choice of person for sex says no, there’s nothing wrong with asking or wanting to try!