The Art of Giving Back

The Art of Giving Back - Svakom Store

This past year has taught us a lot about ourselves, our world and the impact our actions have on it. How important is our relationship with our surroundings? Did you noticed that, for many of us, raw nature was the perfect escape from this ongoing situation that surprised us all? Earth Day 2021 is a special moment for us, we want to celebrate by giving back a bit since we can relate more to the importance of taking care of what we have while we have it and now, we truly understand what that sentence really means.

For the past 12 months, our relationship with the incredible team at Trees for the future has flourished (as much as the almost 11,000 trees we planted together in 2020), we have shared advances, philosophies, concerns and a lot of love during all this time and we came to the conclusion, somewhat obvious, joining forces again in 2021 was a direction that would make us very happy and it is well known that happiness spreads much faster than any adversity; That is why we share that happiness with you, hoping that, together, we will set a higher goal.

Let's talk a little bit more about the work of this incredible organization that never ceases to amaze us; Their aim is to reach as many communities as they can by following 3 core objectives.

End Deforestation: by reversing environmental degradation, by improving soil quality and by reducing the greenhouse gases from our atmosphere.
End Hunger: by allowing the farmers and their families to work the land and use it responsibly to earn enough to feed their communities
End Poverty: by educating people on how to maximize their resources, by creating permanent employment working their land and by ensuring a future for the coming generations

  This very important work is carried out with great enthusiasm and thanks to the joint work of volunteers, communities and people like you and me who are interested in the common welfare and in building a future from today. Joining this movement is really simple, SVAKOM will donate 20% of the sales from April the 16th till the 22th so they can keep doing what they do best.