HONG KONG: Inferno, defined as a place or a state that resembles/suggests hell or an intense fire and the opening up of our parties. Ironically, Hongkong was getting cold, we wanted to light up the night for all the LKF partiers with our fire-like energy, the best party concept (ever) and our products (of course) before sweet Christmas. Everyone in LKF was talking about this "sex toy party" in Rula Bula Club. - "Look how many people are waiting at the front door try to get in!!" Yeah, even though it was already way too crowded, we were still surrounded by people, waiting for us to open the gate for them. Adorable! The fun fact was when everyone is sober, people were shy and like "wow a sex toy party?No no thanks.", and when the night gets darker, people were like "SEX TOY PARTAYYY YAYY SURE LET'S GO".