Benefits of Using Vibrators

    Using vibrators, and sex toys in general, offer more than just pleasure:

    Exploration of erogenous zones

    First, it’s the exploration of erogenous zones. The presence of a sex toy with powerful vibrations can be a safe and effective way to explore your body and even discover what makes you feel good without necessarily heading into penetration when you’re not yet ready for it.

    Exploration of erogenous zones

    First, it’s the exploration of erogenous zones. The presence of a sex toy with powerful vibrations can be a safe and effective way to explore your body and even discover what makes you feel good without necessarily heading into penetration when you’re not yet ready for it.

    How to Choose the Right Vibrator

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    Vibrators Unveiled: A Comprehensive Guide to Pleasure and Empowerment

    If you’ve come from our piece about sex toys, then you might be interested in learning more about vibrators. They’re one of the classics for a reason – they’ve essentially revolutionized the world of sex by offering a wide range of sensations while maintaining a shape that is familiar to the human eye and body. Its phallic shape and wide range of vibrations can help stimulate erogenous zones, intensify arousal and enhance orgasmic potential, giving you the chance to explore more of your sexual journey.

    What are vibrators?

    First, let’s recap what it is! According to WebMD, vibrators are “used on the body to create sexual stimulation. Vibrators are also known as massagers, and use electronic power to create vibrations or pulses.” It’s an incredibly versatile sex toy and ranges from bullet vibrators, wand vibrators and rabbit vibrators, making it possible to cater to every individual’s preferences.

    Types of Vibrators

    The options are endless when it comes to using vibrators and we’re going to dive deep into its many types:

    Clitoral vibrators

    First, clitoral vibrators! They’re probably the most popular type of vibrators in the world, and for good reason! They’re designed to deliver targeted yet discreet vibrations to the clit, or the powerhouse of pleasure for people who have a vagina, ultimately offering immense pleasure.

    G-spot vibrators

    The next most popular vibrator in the world are g-spot vibrators! They’re similar to clitoral vibrators in a sense that they offer targeted stimulation through varying vibration levels but instead of the clit, it’s pressed against the g-spot – or the infamous spot to hit as mentioned in so many steamy songs!

    Rabbit vibrators

    Hearing about rabbit vibrators can cause some confusion because what does this type of vibrator actually allude to? Well, we’re here to tell you that rabbit vibrators offer both clitoral and g-spot stimulation! So, if you’re feeling like you can go to the next level and pleasure these two sensitive spots at the same time, then this rabbit vibrator is just for you!

    Wand vibrators

    Next, we have wand vibrators who are most known for their broad, flexible heads because this feature makes it suitable for external stimulation. Imagine these feelings like a nice, warm massage – the only add-on is the intense orgasm you’ll feel when using it.

    Bullet vibrators

    Then, we have bullet vibrators! They may be small, and can be hidden in the palm of your hand or the pocket of your jeans but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch. In fact, they deliver such powerful vibrations that they can be a good alternative to clitoral vibrators in case you ever find yourself outside and feeling a little antsy, if you know what we mean. Additionally, bullet vibrators are also good for nipple play as part of the warm-up!

    App-controlled vibrators

    The world of sex toys is evolving, that’s why we have new comers like the app-controlled vibrators which function like a normal vibrator but with the added comfort of being able to control it hands-free! With the help of its companion app, using an app-controlled vibrator allows you to literally lie in bed, press a few buttons and feel the good vibrations! This is absolutely perfect for any sort of distance such as putting your phone across the room or if your partner is on a business trip across the world.

    Benefits of Using Vibrators

    Using vibrators, and sex toys in general, offer more than just pleasure:

    Exploration of erogenous zones

    First, it’s the exploration of erogenous zones. The presence of a sex toy with powerful vibrations can be a safe and effective way to explore your body and even discover what makes you feel good without necessarily heading into penetration when you’re not yet ready for it.

    Helping with arousal and climax

    In relation to that, vibrators can also help you with achieving arousal and climax. Especially in the case of individuals facing issues with doing those aforementioned. Vibrators are a game-changer because using it allows the increase of blood flow, sensitivity and ultimately arousal.

    Enhancing solo and partnered play

    Lastly, vibrators can enhance solo or partnered play because it is a toy that you can use as an addition during penetrative sex or exploring new sensations by yourself or with your partner – ultimately spicing up your sex life and deepening connection with yourself or your partner.

    How to Choose the Right Vibrator

    There are so many vibrators to choose from so here are tips to consider when you’re about to buy your own:

    Understanding your preferences

    First, understand your preference as they serve as your guide to choosing the vibrator that meets all of those standards! Think about whether you like it rumbly or gentle, or whether you want it used internally or externally – those things!

    Size, shape, and material considerations

    Then, consider the size, shape and material of the vibrator! These aspects also affect the way you feel when using the vibrators – good or bad. Think about whether you prefer sleek or textured designs or whether you like a slim or girthy piece.

    Power source

    Don’t forget to consider the power source because we don’t want our vibrators dying out in the middle of us feeling good! Make sure that they can carry a charge that is an hour or more which is enough to get you started and finish with a bang!

    Additional features

    There are also additional features to consider when choosing your vibrator as well:

    Vibration Patterns & Intensity Levels

    Different vibrators offer different vibration patterns and intensity levels. That’s why it's also important to consider which kind can give you the most pleasure. The only way you can figure that out is to try them out in-person at stores or if you have the opportunity, try them out with someone else. Just make sure to be respectful and use protection to keep safe.

    Vibration Function

    As we all know, vibrators can come with a variety of functions to cater to different user’s needs. That’s because each feature targets a different erogenous zone to intensify arousal and potential for orgasm. It can be incredibly discreet or immensely intense and users can try it out for themselves to see what type suits their preference the best.

    Trust Function

    More than the features and performance of a vibrator, it’s also incredibly important to trust your vibrator from an emotional standpoint. Vibrators need to be consistent in order for users to depend on it during their nights of sexual exploration. Meaning, it should not be easily led to risk or damage and ultimately hinder a user from experiencing pleasure. A trust in a vibrator’s performance significantly contributes to a more enjoyable and empowering sexual experience.

    Waterproof Design

    Obviously, consider whether the vibrator is waterproof because we love to get wet, but not get the toy wet and damaged along the way. Plus, waterproof vibrators are easier to clean and maintain, making it more convenient to have in your home. Wink wink!

    Remote Control

    Then, think about whether you would like a vibrator that has a remote control function. If you’re like some of us here at SVAKOM, whose wrists get tired easily, then having a vibrator that can be controlled with an app is much more comfortable and allows you to spend more of your energy into making yourself feel good.

    Heating Function

    This is an extra, but a vibrator with a heating function just adds another layer of the good-good so you don’t shiver on a cold night, lying naked under your sheets. If that’s something up your alley, then that is something you should look out for when choosing a vibrator.

    Dual Stimulation

    If you’re ready to intensify your sex life, maybe a vibrator with dual stimulation can match up. They offer multiple arms or appendages designed to stimulate both the clit and the g-spot at the same time – giving you the opportunity for heightened orgasms.

    Memory Function

    Now, this is relatively new but vibrators these days can offer a memory function which means it remembers the settings you made to avoid manually inputting them with each use. Admittedly, this is such a nice addition to the vibrator so it might be worth adding to your list as well.

    Quiet Operation

    Quiet operation is so important because we don’t want others hearing – or seeing us using a vibrator by accident. Making sure that it has a relatively quiet sound and discreet packaging is a tantamount feature to have when it comes to choosing a vibrator.

    Ergonomic Design

    Finally, consider the design. It should be comfortable to hold and use so that it is ultimately maneuverable during your intimate night (or days). Additionally, a good vibrator should also have a curved shaft, contoured handle and easy-to-reach buttons so that it’s easy to navigate with it around your body.

    Tips for Using Vibrators

    Start slow and experiment

    Take your time exploring your new vibrator and experimenting with different settings and techniques. Start with lower intensities and gradually increase as you become more comfortable.

    Use lubrication if necessary

    It’s incredibly important to use a water-based lubricant with your vibrator, no matter the occasion as this will help reduce friction and enhance sensation.

    • Water-Based Lubricants: Water-based lubricants are most often recommended because of their compatibility with most materials used to make sex toys. Also, they are the friendliest formula to most users because it does not have any other ingredients that can be allergens and lastly are the easiest to dissolve and wash off during clean-up.
    • Silicone-Based Lubricants: This is more suitable for longer use because the formula for silicone-based lubes provide an extra smooth glide and do not degrade as easily as water-based lubes when exposed to other fluids. Although, make sure that the toy is compatible with this type of lube as not all are a good match for it.
    • Sensitive Skin Formulas: People with sensitive skin, unite! We definitely need lubes that are specifically formulated for us so that we don’t put ourselves at risk of irritation, or worse, injury, when we use it during sexy time.

    Communication with partner during partnered play

    In case you’re using a vibrator with a partner, then it’s important to communicate your desires, boundaries and preferences because it bears repeating: these provide the foundation to how to provide and receive pleasure in a healthy manner. Here are some communication practices to incorporate into your sex life:

    • Discuss Desires and Boundaries: Before using a vibrator, make sure to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about the aforementioned things. Don’t rush it, and take as long as you both live!
    • Provide Feedback: Communication does not stop there! It should continue on after sex in the form of feedback to ensure that you and your partner are doing a good job and what other things they can both try next time as your sex life develops.
    • Encourage Exploration: Finally, don’t be afraid to explore! Especially with the vibrator! Experiment with everything from positions, angles and even patterns and intensities so that you’ve had a chance to try everything and figure out what you like as a couple.

    Clean and store properly

    Here are some of the most common practices you should have down pat when it comes to cleaning and storing your sex toy:

    • Clean After Each Use: Remove any bodily fluids, lubricant residue, and bacteria by using a mild soap and warm water – or even a specialized toy cleaner. Don’t forget to pay extra attention to the crevices where bacteria can hide.
    • Store in a Clean, Dry Place: Then place your vibrator in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight, and moisture to ensure that the vibrator doesn’t get damaged.
    • Check for Damage Regularly: Don’t just let it sit there when not in use. Make it a habit to periodically inspect your vibrator for any signs of damage, and immediately discontinue use and have it replaced if you happen to spot any of these bad signs to prevent injury or irritation.

    Popular SVAKOM Vibrators

    SVAKOM is known for its high-quality, innovative vibrators designed to enhance pleasure and intimacy. Here are two popular SVAKOM vibrators:

    Product 1: Ella Neo

    • Description: Ella Neo is the ultimate interactive, textured silicone bullet vibrator that will take your pleasure to new heights.
    • Features: Engaging LED display, tail & body button control, and waterproof pinhole charging.
    • Customer reviews: “Excellent quality and easy to use connectivity.” - Phillip P.

    Product 2: Ava Neo

    • Description: Made from premium liquid silicone, Ava Neo has a cushioned head for comfort and a slim, gently ribbed shaft that doesn't pinch during thrusting.
    • Features: Cushioned thrusting head, independent vibrating stimulation, waterproof and submersible design.
    • Customer reviews: “Bought this for my wife to add a bit of spice in the bedroom. It was a little hard to control at first, but the app was very intuitive and easy to understand. Wife loved it and seeing her squirm was an added bonus.” - Jacob E.


    Vibrators are more than just sex toys – they're tools for exploration, pleasure, and empowerment. Whether you're flying solo or enjoying intimate moments with a partner, vibrators can enhance your sexual experience and bring you closer to the ultimate pleasure.