Empowerment Through Pleasure: Celebrating Women's Sexual Health

Women's Sexual Health

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day marked globally for the recognition of women’s rights and achievements in various spheres; political, economic, social and cultural. The International Women’s Day is not only a call for gender equality but a celebration of womanhood which encompasses even her sexual health and empowerment that is always shrouded in secrecy. At SVAKOM, we believe that sexual health is an important component of women’s overall well-being and we are committed to providing ways to celebrate and explore it every day.

The Path to Sexual Health and Empowerment

Sexuality is an inherent part of humanity but women’s pleasure in particular has been sidelined throughout history. A reclamation of female sexuality narrative is essential in understanding the fight for women rights. According to Dr Emily Morse, “Empowerment starts with understanding and embracing your own pleasure,” adding that “it is a basic human right.”

A Curated Collection for Celebration

In our carefully selected Women’s Day Collection, we have presented an array of products to facilitate finding oneself and pleasure in various dimensions. Each item is intended for elegance, which allows women to explore deeper into their bodies and desires.

According to Alice Little, who is a sexual education activist, “Sexual health is the foundation of overall well-being. If you embrace your pleasure, you embrace your power”. This speaks directly to our commitment to developing products that will act as a means of unlocking one’s sexual potential.

Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, a renowned expert in sexual relationships also echoes this empowerment through understanding one’s body when she points out that adult toys can be powerful tools for self-discovery, pleasure and empowerment. They are ways by which one can take command of his/her sexual health and happiness.” It emphasizes on the fact that SVAKOM’s products are not just toys but instruments of power leading towards a happier healthier empowered mind and body.

Challenging Stigmas With Confidence

Our message this International Women’s Day is crystal clear—unraveling your sexuality as a way of increasing personal power. And for this International Womens Day, we are putting up messages with tags like #WomensHealth, #SVAKOM, #SexualEmpowerment and #InternationalWomensDay that will cause ripples in the present day digital space with an aim to create an understanding and challenge perceptions that have prevented women from embracing pleasure as their right.

Every woman has a different journey of seeing her sexual wellness as an integral part of herself. Whatever you go through, SVAKOM is here for you — to make you stronger and freer and cheer every step on the path toward owning your pleasure.

We stand together with women across the world on International Women's Day, demanding unrestricted access to all aspects of health and fulfillment. We are inviting you to be part of us in recognizing, celebrating and commemorating sexual health among women. Lets celebrate “empowerment by orgasm”, not only during International Women’s Day but also throughout the year round!