In This Restless City, We Had Fun!

In This Restless City, We Had Fun! - Svakom Store

Inferno, defined as a place or a state that resembles/suggests hell or an intense fire. Ironically, Hongkong is getting cold, we wanted to light up the night for all the LKF partiers with our fire-like energy, the best party concept (ever) and our products (of course). Throw it back to that night on the 8th of December, I believe everyone in LKF was talking about this "sex toy party" in Rula Bula.

Time was early when we started, only a few people walked by, the weather was chillier than we thought it would be. We didn't really get ready for this cold, all of us were in T-Shirts but filled with a great energy for the coming heat of the night. We started to have our guests arrive, bringing the heat to Rula Bula as well as Lan Kwai Fong.

When the time was just perfect we started our interactive game poll and the banana contest. Answer a spicy question or try to deep throat a banana or… You may just want to have a hot dance with our hottie go go dancers. SVAKOM will bring you an extreme fun beyond your expectation.

"How could you know you're holding a great party?" -- "Look how many people are waiting at the front door try to get in!!" Yeah, even though it was already way too crowded, we were still surrounded by people, waiting for us to open the gate for them. Adorable! The fun fact was when everyone is sober, people were shy and like "wow a sex toy party?No no thanks.", and when the night gets darker, people were like "SEX TOY PARTAYYY YAYY SURE LET'S GO".

Thanks to all the svakom crew who organized this party, and big thanks for everyone who attended! The next party will be held in Shanghai or Los Angeles. We will see you next time very soon!! Merry Christmas y'all!