The Perfect Summer Getaway

The Perfect Summer Getaway - Svakom Store

Sunshine, the ocean and some pool fun are the basics for an incredible summer. That’s why SVAKOM mingled with KINK, (an LGBT-Party organization) to create the best, last party of the season and the most inclusive one so far, F**K Taboo Getaway Edition.

The party was a whole weekend affair during Sept 5th and 6th in Dapeng, a cute spot by the sea where 250 guests came together for an unforgettable experience. Arriving pretty early to enjoy the beautiful weather and staying up quite late until the music stopped was the only rule during the whole event.

We wore our favorite swimsuits, held tight our sunglasses and jumped without floaties to the big adventure this was. The schedule was filled with activities, performances and games suited for everyone in the venue. One of the highlights during the evening was the set prepared exclusively for this event by the very well-known DJ Socorro Lopez followed by the performance of the incredibly talented DJ Mingo. Our favorite sex coach expert -Nancy Wu- introduced the art of bondage and candle play right before a pair of gogo dancers came out of nowhere, took her to the stage and turned everything into a steamy session of performance, music and sensuality.

One of the favorite games during the day put our toys to the test since contestants had to look for them underwater because YES, most of SVAKOM’s toys are fully waterproof and that makes them perfect allies when in the bath, shower, pool and even the sea! As we always say, explore your limits and a great way to do so is bringing to you more possibilities so you can not only diversify your fun in the bedroom but also bring the adventure out of the bedroom!

Tons of games, toys and water were the perfect mix to say good-bye to this season and, hopefully, next summer we will be able to bring this fun to wherever you are... Fingers crossed!

It's been a long time since the coronavirus came to an end in China however, health and safety are still our top priority and that’s why request -in this and all of our events- a green code from every single one of our attendees, which in China means that they have passed medical examinations and all the mandatory procedures that the Health Organizations in the country request which helps us ensure a Covid-free environment for everyone.