GuangZhou Party

On July 17, after a long-time lockdown, SVAKOM threw our very first 2020’s F**k Taboos party in Happy Monk, a well-known London style cocktail bar in Guangzhou, China. The perfect combination of space and weather created an ideal environment for some fun and games and we took this opportunity to launch our Connexion Series The response we received during this event was outstanding, with more than 150 people attending and loving it! One of the games that became a big hit (pun intended) was the spanking play, Over 25 guests participated in the “Underwear Contest”, in order to win of the incredible underwear bundles from our sponsor YASS. And the cherry on top, that left all of our friends pleasantly surprised, was the BDSM gift sets provided by SCARLETT KITTEN, our third-time sponsor who loves to indulge in our crazy ways.