10 Years in a Flash

Happy Birthday
to Us!

2022 is a momentous occasion for SVAKOM as with it comes our 10th anniversary. And we want to share the fun with everyone. Throughout the year we will have a myriad of enticing events, campaigns, and activities that you can get involved with!

So, what exactly is happening?

Anniversary Box

Golden Ticket

Explore Your Limits

Trees for the Future

All-in-One Pleasure

To celebrate turning ten we wanted to create something special, something unique, something brimming with pleasure.

 With a luxurious design and filled with pleasure – our anniversary box even contains a little secret for those lucky enough to get it!

*The limited-edition anniversary box will be available in Europe, America, Russia, Ukraine, Korea and Japan.
For more information, please check the terms & conditions.

Golden Ticket

Pleasure never looked so good

With the launch of our 10th anniversary box – there will be a total of 30 Golden Tickets placed within select boxes, waiting for a lucky customer to find them.To whoever is available to claim these coveted tickets, seductive prizes await.

Now, Get Out There and Find Those Tickets!

One of the lucky ones? Learn how to claim your prize here.

Explore Your Limits

Dreams Bursting Through Reality

SVAKOM is excited to present you with the opportunity to make your deepest wish a reality! To spread the joy and celebration of our 10th anniversary, we want you to let us know what it is you truly want. Record yourself revealing your ultimate desire and post it on Instagram tagging SVAKOM – after a rigorous selection process, 10 lucky winners will be revealed and SVAKOM will work to grant your wish!

Get Ready, Get Involved, Explore your Limits

Trees for the Future

Giving Back Together

This year we want to give back more than we ever have before. With each new product we launch, we will be donating 1 tree to the Trees for theFuture foundation – with our goal to plant a minimum of 300,000 trees.

We are super excited to be working with Trees for the Future; a foundation that not only helps the planet, but also the local farmers that tend to their `Forest Gardens`. Each new product that counts towards donations will feature a Trees for the Future sticker.

For More Information, Please Check our Sustainability Page Here.