Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day - Svakom Store

Today we want to celebrate and honor the very core of our existence. Our planet... the place that has provided us with every single thing we need to co-exist and more.

This year we wanted to get a little bit extra involved into this day; using eco-friendly materials and making sure that we recycle everything in the office was not going to cut it this time.
That's why, after searching for the perfect foundation to join forces with, we decided to approach Trees for the future.

A magnificent organization that has been changing lives for the past 30 years and we can not thank them enough for supporting our planet with their incredible work. That's why we decided to donate 20% of our sales from April the 22nd till the 26th so they can keep doing what they do best.

You might be wondering what exactly is that? And we are here to answer. Trees for the future is creating a sustainable future for communities in need. They teach farmers, over the course of 4 years, how to work, grow and take care of the land which, consequently, leads to a better life for them, for us, for everyone.

They aim to reach as many communities as they can by following their 3 core goals.
End Deforestation: by reversing environmental degradation, by improving soil quality and by reducing the greenhouse gases from our atmosphere.
End Hunger: by allowing the farmers and their families to work the land and use it responsibly to earn enough to feed their communities
End Poverty: by educating people on how to maximize their resources, by creating permanent employment working their land and by ensuring a future for the coming generations

So far they have planted +187,000,000 trees
So far they have restored +28,000 acres
So far they have changed +111,000 lives

Let's work with them, Let's help them turn our world into an even better place. Let's celebrate Earth Day!