New Products Launch in F**k Taboos Party

New Products Launch in F**k Taboos Party - Svakom Store

This winter came early in Russia, the snow falling from the sky ever so graceful and elegant. The miles of white gentle covered Moscow, the city of snow, chilly yet peaceful. SVAKOM team visited Russia in this beautiful snowy season, enjoying the glowing city, with tonnes of friendly distributors, customers and lovely people from the same industry. The weather was just perfect for an indoor party to dance the chills off, so we gathered all the friends we have in Russia and held the first Fxxk Taboos party in this enchanting country.

The Connexion Series, which ranges from vibrating bullets to powerful vibrators and male masturbators, surprised everyone in the party with their elegant looks and the game-changing APP control functions. Featuring a new amazing technology, you can enjoy with your partner from anywhere, at any time; the toys can also sync-up with your favorite 2D interactive videos and let your favorite content take you to new and better heights and the webcam interactive feature makes the toys, also, a secret weapon for all of the web-cam performers out there.

The response we received during this event was outstanding, with more than 150 people attending and loving it! One of the games that became a big hit (pun intended) was the spanking play, as soon as you entered the venue you were greeted with an ice cream candy BUT you had to let one of our fabulous team members give you a little spank in the ass just to get you in the mood. At the beginning people were just spectators but, as soon as DJ Socorro - a renowned Drag Queen and DJ in Guangzhou- started her performance, the crowd went crazy, joined the moment and forgot all their inhibitions. Over 25 guests participated in the “Underwear Contest”, in order to win of the incredible underwear bundles from our sponsor YASS. And the cherry on top, that left all of our friends pleasantly surprised, was the BDSM gift sets provided by SCARLETT KITTEN, our third-time sponsor who loves to indulge in our crazy ways.

“I have attended SVAKOM F**k Taboos parties multiple times, and every time is unique and so much of fun, you can hardly find another event like this, where you can learn, have fun and talk about stuff you rarely have the chance to. What they create here is a truly open space with like-minded people and the most amazing vibes” words from a regular attendee and good friend of SVAKOM.

SVAKOM has held the F**k Taboos party in incredible places around the globe like Hong Kong, Shanghai, Colombia, Moscow, etc and we are not going to stop! Our goal is to create a new lifestyle event where people feel free to talk about their sexual desires, explore their curiosities and, of course, learn more about how to use sex toys and what a great game changer they are.
As our slogan says “Explore Your Limits”, we want to bring out the best in people, celebrate and appreciate entirely our sexual selves and boost our happiness by creating connections. F**k Taboos party is more than just dancing and drinking, but also learning and sharing and we are so proud of the results so far. Can you guess where the next one will be? … See you soon.