Is this Art or a Sex Toy

Is this Art or a Sex Toy - Svakom Store

Every now and again you have the chance to be part of something unexpected that rapidly turns into a project that reminds you why you do what you do and life suddenly becomes a thousand times better. That was the case when it came to work with MoSex (short for Museum of Sex a.k.a. one of our favorite places to see our collections displayed).

Located in the corner of East 27 street and the fifth avenue in NYC, MoSex is a place that continuously presents a curated mix of programs, publications and exhibitions dedicated to “the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality”. with the ultimate goal of starting conversations about the past, present and future of sex in society.

The vision of educating, inspiring and awakening the curiosity of all those - over 18 years of age- who are willing to converse and be part a of the narrative presented in a space with more than 20,000 pieces on their permanent collection and the multiple exhibitions, lectures, workshops and installations that address different themes, periods, continents and cultures.

Part of the growth of MoSex over time, has led them to expand and diversify the spaces in which they offer, their hundreds of visitors, experiences that satisfy their expectations and, an iconic part of these spaces is, precisely, the main window that overlooks one of the busiest avenues in the world and in which SVAKOM has had the opportunity to present pieces from its most recent collections.

Collaborating with them has been, for SVAKOM, a rollercoaster of ideas, visions and emotions that function as a source of inspiration to give the best of ourselves and represent our team and our brand, in a special way, in one of the most incredible offline platforms that we could ever imagine. Incorporating our latest “#exploreyourlove” online campaign and bringing it to a tangible display hits us differently. There’s definitely something about printed pictures in a big window that makes us oh-so happy!

Now we are just wondering… can SVAKOM join the permanent collection? *fingers crossed*