Music and pleasure SVAKOM style

Music and pleasure SVAKOM style
Its always an amazing experience to branch out and do something special and different that reminds you why you breath and wake up every morning... you never know where you are going to find a new space where you can feel comfortable and at home and that's how our collaboration with Lucio happened, a very natural, friendly chat led to another one and so on until we realized that her creativity matched completely with our brand and her personal point of view was the cherry on top since we will always back up people who give back, who stand up for a community and who use their resources to educate and help others, all of this without forgetting to have fun and explore their own limits because, at the end of the day we are constantly changing and learning.

Aaaaanywho, let us get you closer to Lucio, an incredible young artist from Monterrey, Mexico who is not just an upcoming artist but, also, a best-selling author and a hardcore LGBTQ+ activist. A girl who never stops and is always looking for a way to grow and invite us to join her.

Everything started a couple of weeks ago when we approached her to do a collab, we never in a million years expected to have a counteroffer that we couldn't refuse. Being a sponsor for her upcoming music video was already a great idea and when she explained to us the concept we signed right then and there.

VIP is a visual piece that intends to start a conversation... to display a sex toy (well, actually 3 of them) in a music video can be quite controversial, specially if you are from a conservative country like Lucio. But she didn't just landed where she is right now by following the rules all the time, she actually listens to what people inside and outside the Latino LGBT+ community need and she works her way to provide info and inspiration topped up with a super cool style, a sick beat and her signature flirty smirk. If you dig a little bit more about her, you'll realize that she is very active in her community, she interacts a lot with her following and she definitely cares and we are so happy to have the opportunity to work together in the hopes of doing it again sometime soon.

What are you waiting for?... check out her video here and let us know what you think.