SVAKOM attended Exxotica with passion

SVAKOM attended Exxotica with passion
Exxotica is one of the most famous B2C adult events in the U.S, dedicated to love  sex. From June 7th to the 9th, Exxotica took place in Portland for the first time lasting 3 days. SVAKOM is honored to have attended this sexy event and to celebrate this sensual moment together.
The event is fulfilled with fun  interesting performances, such as live music, dance competitions, workshops and presentations. There were basically all types of activities related to sex. It was delightful and enjoyable even for those of us working there. We had also met some awesome bloggers and influencers at the event. It was also a great chance for couples and individuals to join this celebration, enjoy the performances and receive beneficial sexual educations and also to get some great sex toys to put to the test!
Nymph and Ella were the most popular toys featured at the event. Nymph has been our flagship toy since last October when it launched. She has 3 moving fingers that provides you with continuously gentle teasing. She is designed for teasing foreplay, but she is way more than that. The rounded head provides a strong vibration with 5 different vibrating modes and 5 different intensities. Nymph has been honored by winning the iF design award 2019. Ella is even more intelligent, the new technology allows you to connect to your phone and create your own sensual vibrations,easily choose your favorite vibrating modes and intensities, dont be shocked what technology can do these days!

Exxotica has always been the leader of the b2c event in this industry, it was 3 days of fun, laughter and were amazed by the shows as well as the sexual knowledge. We had also met some awesome bloggers and influencers from all kinds of different platforms at the event. It was such a great time to catch up with old friends and get the chance to make new ones at this auspicious celebration.

Thanks for an awesome event,we will see you next year Exxotica!