SVAKOM Featured on Reality Show `First Dates`

SVAKOM Featured on Reality Show `First Dates`

Our very own Iker Perez found himself on `First Dates`! And he came bearing gifts.

If you haven’t seen it, First Dates is a reality tv show where contestants take part in blind dates with the hope of finding love. Iker found himself participating and decided to surprise his date with one amazing gift.

A valentine’s special, Iker appeared on the February 14th episode, tell the world he was looking for someone to cherish – and share some toys with, of course.

Speaking first with the charismatic host of the show, Iker presented Alex Neo – shock and confusion made itself apparent on the host’s face as he quizzically asked `is it… a blender?` - he was certainly about to be educated!

Iker proceeded to explain what Alex Neo does, how it functions, and dive a little deeper into his work (who said you can’t mix business with pleasure?), showing the impressive thrust mechanics that Alex Neo has to offer. `The speed!` was the host’s reaction, clearly impressed by Alex Neo and everything it has to offer.

While Iker didn’t hand the gift over to his date in person, it was placed behind the bar for the host to later give to him. Once Iker’s date, Raul, arrived a small amount of time was spent asking him to tell viewers a little more about his professional and personal life; obvious that the host wanted to get to the good stuff, fast.

Pulling out Alex Neo, Raul at first was unsure what he was looking at. He hazard a few guesses as to what Alex Neo could be, but once the host activated the powerful thrust, he knew.

`I haven’t used or owned one of these before but, from the movement alone I think I can guess what it is`.

At SVAKOM, we love to see people opening themselves up to knew things – exploring their limits and slowly but surely dismantling their own personal stigma’s against sexuality and masturbation. Watching with pride, we saw Iker confidently talk about his experience in this industry and offer a masturbator as a gift the same way you would flowers, with complete normalcy. It is clear from the host and Raul’s reactions that, despite initial confusion and surprise, they slowly started to relax into the discussion.

Providing a sense of normality towards a subject that may otherwise be seen as taboo can help to demolish any boundaries and restrictions people may have. Confidence inspires confidence and helps to engage others in new and exciting ways.

Iker showcased the importance of speaking clearly, with pride, about our own sexual experiences, preferences, and sexuality. There is no shame to be found in self-love, and pleasure comes with the territory.

We were ecstatic to see Alex Neo in plain view on TV, and who knows – maybe Iker and Raul will be able to experiment with the connective capabilities that Alex Neo has to offer!