SVAKOM's New Product “Alex” Hit the ANME Show 2020

SVAKOM's New Product “Alex” Hit the ANME Show 2020
Los Angeles SVAKOM present in the ANME Show (Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo), which took place from Jan.12-13,2020at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport in Southern California.

Featuring the top names in the adult toy and novelty industry, ANME Show is held two times a year- 3 days in July and 2 days in January. Its the most famous b2b adult industry trade show in USA . The exhibition brings 200 top starts and 150 exhibitors. The ANME Show is the trade show event for manufacturers to showcase and sell their products to distributor and retailer buyers.

The show is very important for every company, who has an adult toy business inside of US. This January was the second ANME show for SVAKOM and we are great thankful for the great opportunity to present our brand here, a SVAKOM representative said.

From year to year, the organization of ANME Show is always perfect and business orientated. SVAKOM had a very tight meetings schedule and both 2 days of the Show were extremely and efficient. SVAKOMs new booth design promoting its new product Alex supported Alex in Wankerland PR Campaign. Alex is a groundbreaking male automatic masturbator, which has received a lot of positive feedback. Both booth and product attracted a lot of attention and sales numbers speak for itself- SVAKOMs old out Alex completely after the show.

A combination of perfect organization and business orientation makes the show comfortable, productive and memorable, and its so considerate for the organized meals (2020 innovation was a choice of the most popular food trucks in California in addition to regular dining), and helpful hotel stuff, following time schedule and support in building a booth. Entertainment part was full of fun as always: kicking off party was in theme of 80th and the second night was a casino night. SVAKOM would like to underline the general sense of openness to the international adult business community and a trail of warmth and kindness at ANME show. Lets just look forward to July edition!