The Joy of Giving Back

The Joy of Giving Back - Svakom Store

Earth Day was and will always be a very special date for us and, as we told you before, we wanted to do something special this year, something more than just separate the trash and turn off the lights for one hour at night... don’t get us wrong, we will keep doing those things that we know are a way to do our part on a daily basis, however, as a company, we decided to create this campaign where you can also join our love for this place we call home and help turning this day into a much bigger celebration, besides, it was a win – win situation for everyone involved if you know what I mean.

Trees for the future is this incredible organization that focuses on the conservation of our planet through education. How? Well they go to remote areas, earn the trust of villagers and farmers and, over the course of 4 years, they plan trees with them, teach them how to take care of the land and guide the community into a more sustainable direction by turning this land into their main source of income. We invite you to check their site and their social media so you can learn more about them, the people who have a better life because of them and their new projects.

Speaking of new projects (and this is where you, me and SVAKOM come into play) the amount of trees that will change millions of lives after our collaboration is around 11,000!!! Trees for the future is in charge of selecting the location and how this trees will be assigned and taking care of. Isn’t it amazing how we can our world to thrive, grow and bloom one toy at a time?