Doris - Customer Support Manager

Doris - Customer Support Manager - Svakom Store
Hi, my name is Doris.

Although this is an old grandmother's name, I am still young!

Just like the international brand SVAKOM, it is always young, always full of vitality and creativity, always ambitious, and always full of fantasy and expectation for life!

Of course, this is my deepest thought after two years of working in the big family of SVAKOM, and it is also one of the reasons I am proud of SVAKOM!

But before I came to SVAKOM, I never thought that one day I would work in a sex company!

After I got the invitation, I checked the company SVAKOM, my God, it turned out to be a sex toy brand!

I came here without telling my husband and family. After I came, I found that the company is quite big, full of young faces, and the office environment is quite of high-end atmosphere! Especially a wall full of sex toys, which shocked me badly.

I am a married woman and I can definitely deal with this. Besides, isn't this a good opportunity to fight for the life-long happiness of mankind and to escape from the routine?

The first weeks working here, I was discovering a new world, carefully knowing each product. I was so shocked, SVAKOM’s products are completely different from the sex products I have known before. From appearance to performance, SVAKOM's products are really high-end and advanced, also of trustworthy quality!

Suddenly, there was a feeling of regret that I met SVAKOM so late.

Later, as I became more and more enthusiastic and familiar with SVAKOM products, I transferred from the back-end copywriting job to the front-end after-sales service. I personally think that no matter how passionate the copywriting is, it is actually not as meaningful as communicating with dear customers!

While trying my best to meet the requirements of customers and solve the doubts for them, I feel so fulfilled I can communicate with them as friends, share the pleasure brought by SVAKOM and the improvement of the quality of life, and harvest their opinions.

I think, a good job means to get a sense of recognition and satisfaction in daily work, which SVAKOM is giving me. After all, SVAKOM is really amazing! I am really grateful to the brand for giving me such a good opportunity to meet by chance and become so fullfilled. Don't you want to join us?