SVAKOM Sponsors Master Class by Hanna Mille

SVAKOM Sponsors Master Class by Hanna Mille - Svakom Store

There’s been an increase in recent years in the support for previously stigmatized job titles. Cam professionals are becoming more and more common, and the support and understanding of the position is also increasing.


Being a Cam Model is a full-time job, and the misconception that it is easy is becoming consistently dispelled from the public opinion. Working professionally, full-time, as a Cam model requires constant attention – working with algorithms and following trends, setting up a studio to record and go live whilst ensuring lighting and background are professional and appealing to customers; no different than a more traditional position.

We were ecstatic to sponsor Hanna Millers professional seminar Master Class which offered talks to Cam Models with advice surrounding pitfalls to avoid and ways to improve your audience reach. While members of the SVAKOM teamed, we were enthralled listening to the professionals discuss their work and learning more about the industry.


The event was filled with professionals within the industry, everyone filled with excitement at listening to Hanna Miller divulge her wisdom and recount her journey as a Cam Model. With 400 people in attendance, the atmosphere was bubbling and filled with chatter between one another – we had an amazing time and our representatives came back with glee excited to recount their experience.


Phoenix Neo has quickly become a favorite in the Cam Industry due to its interactive capabilities and cam compatible LED light. With our trusted representative attending to hold a talk on the functions of the Connexion Series, we provided 20 Phoenix Neo’s as part of a prize draw, and for PLAYHOUSE models to get more acquainted with.


Overall, we had amazing feedback and we’re incredibly happy hearing that our products are adding new flair to the Cam industry and offering a variety of ways to engage with audience members and content consumers.