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Tom Daley knits while watching Olympics

Taking advantage of these images that surely captured the lens of a journalist, I want to highlight the courage of this boy and the demonstration that our fight for gender equality and freedom of gender expression is paying off.

The athlete, Tom Daley, British trampoline representative, winner of gold in these Tokyo Olympics and a trend in networks for showing himself crocheting at the Olympics, today teaches us several things, which according to my analysis I want to share.

10 curiosities about the Cathedral of Notre Dame

In this post we will talk about some historic facts of Notre Dame Cathedral, but first, let's understand what happened and why France is crying today.

All about Hanukkah

Hanukkah, a festival of eight consecutive days, and perhaps the most well-known Jewish celebration.

Taiwan legalizes gay marriage

This approval places Taiwan at the forefront of the growing movement for gay rights in Asia. Taiwan's parliament legalized same-sex marriage on Friday, an unprecedented event in Asia after the government survived a last-ditch attempt by conservatives to pass a sweetened version.

All about Stonewall riots

On June 28, 1969 in a pub known as Stonewall Inn located in New York, a raid was carried out by the police against the LGBT + community. This led to massive demonstrations which became the first fight for the rights of the LGBT + community.


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