FXXK TABOOS Pride Party - Svakom Store

As an inclusive sex toy company, we are always very outspoken and supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and we treasure the solid relationships we constantly build and nurture across the globe with members of the collective. To celebrate 2021’s Pride Month, we received a very special invitation to co-host and be the main sponsor for the EVERYSOUL Pride Party in the south of China to share our love and have some good fun with our local LGBTQ family.

Knowing prides all over the world are being cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, we understand how fortunate we are to still be a part of this event where safety measures were carefully taken. Before entering the venue, every attendee needed to show the pertinent green health codes and the latest negative test results to be able to enjoy the party.

More than 300 people attended the party at the popular rooftop bar in the city center. Surrounded by people who aren’t afraid of expressing who they are, it was time to celebrate equality, inclusivity and love. Many well-known drag queens within the community graced the event with their outstanding performances.  

As the night went on, the music and lights synchronized perfectly with the rhyme of the city. The LED lights from nearby skyscrapers bounced off people’s cheerful faces, accompanied by the breathtaking skyline and cooling summer breezes. As the tradition of any SVAKOM event, we hosted the banana contest and the game was so popular that we ran out of the fruits.

In between games, performances and dancing sessions, many people were attracted to our stand and wanted to learn more about our products. We were surprised by how intrigued people were and was honored to spread positive energy on people’s sexual wellbeing throughout the event.

The toys that stole the show were of course our newly launched CONNEXION SERIES. The pandemic completely changed our way of interacting with people, many real-life interactions now have to be done remotely. With the highlighted features of the CONNEXION SERIES, you can not only let your partner control your pleasure via the mobile APP, but also interact with your favorite videos and cam models where distance heightens the pleasure, like a mysterious lover in a bauta mask.