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Adult Sex Toys for Women: Shop Best Toys for Her


    Sex Toys for Her

    Prioritize sexual pleasure and wellness with SVAKOM sex toys for women, whether you’re single, partnered or webcamming.

    Explore women’s sex toys

    SVAKOM supports gender-diversity and gender-inclusivity and we are committed to bringing sexual pleasure and wellness within reach of more adults. So, we offer sex toys for different bodies, needs, desires and experience levels. 

    Our range of female sex toys is for bodies with a vagina and other adults too! Our women’s sex toys can be enjoyed during solo masturbation and partnered or group situations, in real life and online. This versatility gives you countless ways to discover and experience new and thrilling sensations. 

    Whether you’re interested in vibrators, pulse stimulators, kegel balls or other women’s sex toys, have peace of mind knowing that SVAKOM uses 100 percent body-safe materials. Browse the SVAKOM range of female sex toys now.


    SVAKOM is renowned for its vibrators, regularly winning many awards since our brand was founded in 2012. Our women’s vibrators are available in a range of designs to stimulate pleasure zones for bodies with a vagina and/or clitoris as well as other adults too. Vibrator is a broad category, so read on to learn more about the sub-categories available at SVAKOM.

    Clitoral Vibrators

    SVAKOM makes two types of sex toys perfectly crafted to target the clitoris: vibrators and pulse stimulators. Clitoral vibrators vary widely in their size and the type of sensations created. For example, bullet vibrators deliver precise stimulation, whereas panty vibrators and wand vibrators cover a broader area. On the other hand, SVAKOM clitoral stimulators use air rather than vibrations to provide stimulation. These highly popular female sex toys create powerful air-based suction using our patented Pulse Technology™.

    G-Spot Vibrators

    For most cis women, G-spot orgasms can be challenging to achieve. SVAKOM G-spot vibrators are cleverly designed to target this pleasure zone, usually located about one-third to one-half of the way inside the front wall of the vagina. Our Cici 2 G-spot vibrator is a best-selling female sex toy because it’s super-slim, powerful and includes a heating function. You can also customize the settings using our free SVAKOM App.   

    Rabbit Vibrators

    Rabbit vibrators provide the best of both worlds for bodies with a clitoris and vagina. That’s because they encourage a blended clitoral and G-spot orgasm by stimulating both pleasure zones simultaneously. SVAKOM rabbit vibrators are available in a wide range of designs. These female sex toys can have a shaft that is flexible, semi-flexible or rigid, while the clitoral attachment is usually flexible. Many of our rabbit vibrators also come with extra features, such as a rolling G-spot ball, thrusting beads, pulsating tip, heating and more.

    Bullet and Egg Vibrators

    Compact and travel-friendly, bullet and egg vibrators usually measure less than 4 inches when it comes to insertable length. These are popular female sex toys because of their versatility. Generally, bullet vibrators are cylindrical with a tapered tip, making them ideal for stimulating the clitoris or other outer erogenous zones. SVAKOM Tulip is an excellent example. On the other hand, egg vibrators are perfect for vaginal insertion and usually feature a cord or loop for easy removal. They can also be used on external hot spots too for adults of any gender. SVAKOM Elva is a best-seller among couples because it is also a remote controlled sex toy.

    Anal Vibrators

    Anal vibrators can open new realms of pleasure-filled possibilities for bodies with a vagina. SVAKOM vibrators are safe for anal use because we ensure that part of the sex toy will always remain outside of your body for easy retrieval. Some anal vibrators resemble a traditional butt plug that has a cylindrical shaft and wide base. Other anal vibrators look like the letter ‘L’ in order to deliver internal stimulation while tantalizing your perineum. That’s the sensitive hot spot between the vagina and anus (or scrotum and anus in bodies with a penis).

    Kegel Balls

    Sexual wellness is important whatever your sex and gender. In terms of female sex toys, SVAKOM makes kegel balls to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles for bodies with a vagina. SVAKOM Nova includes 3 exercisers comprising different sizes and weights so you can increase the intensity of your workout over time. It’s perfect for beginners to advanced users.

    How to choose your female sex toy

    Enjoy your new women’s sex you faster, by considering these 5 factors when shopping:

    1. Stimulation: Are the pleasure zone/s you want to stimulate internal, external, or both?
    2. Size: Are the sex toy measurements comfortable for you?
    3. Materials: All SVAKOM sex toys are crafted from 100 percent body-safe materials and deliver different sensations. Do you prefer your sex toy to be flexible or rigid, soft or hard, smooth or textured? 
    4. Technology: Do you want a sex toy that is waterproof, rechargeable, remote-controlled or app-compatible? Will you intend to use it alone or with a long-distance partner, adult video content or webcam viewers?
    5. Cost: What is your budget? SVAKOM aims to cater to different budgets while remaining committed to providing high-quality products backed by our warranty and guarantee.