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SVAKOM is a global leader in sexual wellness, providing high-quality, innovative technology luxury products. From internal cameras to connected series, SVAKOM believes that everyone deserves to indulge in luxury products and a lifestyle focused on pleasure. Explore our unique products and experience a connection beyond touch.


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    Boost your sexual pleasure and wellness with luxurious and technologically innovative products designed  for all adults by SVAKOM.

    Sex toys for every body

    SVAKOM is a multi-award-winning brand of adult products trusted for its high-quality products made from 100 percent body-safe materials, with an emphasis on technological innovation and affordability. Our product range caters to different bodies, needs, desires and experience levels to make sexual pleasure and wellness accessible to more adults. Discover the SVAKOM range of sex toys and accessories now.


    SVAKOM vibrators are available in a range of designs to stimulate pleasure zones for adults of any gender, sexual orientation and experience level. We offer vibrators perfect for occasions you’re playing solo or with a partner.

    Clitoral Vibrators

    SVAKOM offers two types of sex toys specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris: vibrators and pulse stimulators. In terms of clitoral vibrators, bullet vibrators and wearable vibrators offer precise stimulation, whereas panty vibrators or wand vibrators provide broader coverage. Instead of vibrating, SVAKOM clitoral stimulators create powerful air-based suction stimulation thanks to our patented Pulse Technology™.

    G-Spot Vibrators

    SVAKOM G-spot vibrators are expertly designed to target the elusive G-spot. Our best-selling Cici 2 G-spot vibrator is loved by bodies with a vagina of all experience levels thanks to its super-slim design, powerful motor, heating function and customizable settings.   

    Rabbit Vibrators

    Rabbit vibrators deliver the ultimate sexual pleasure to bodies with a vagina by encouraging blended clitoral and G-spot orgasms. SVAKOM rabbit vibrators come in various designs, with the shaft ranging from flexible to firm, while the clitoral attachment is typically flexible.

    Anal Vibrators

    SVAKOM designs vibrators safe for anal use by ensuring part of the sex toy will always remain outside the user’s body for easy retrieval. Some anal vibrators resemble a traditional butt plug, with a cylindrical shaft and wide base, while others are L-shaped in order to deliver internal stimulation while targeting your perineum.

    Foreplay Vibrators

    A wide range of SVAKOM sex toys can be used during foreplay. The best-selling is Nymph because of its versatility and unique movements. Nymph features a round, wand-style head perfect for delivering broad external stimulation and rotating, moving to massage the nipples, clitoris or perineum.

    Kegel Balls

    True to our commitment to sexual wellness, SVAKOM offers kegel balls expertly designed to help strengthen pelvic floor muscles for bodies with a vagina. SVAKOM Nova is a 3-piece set including differently sized balls and weights making it ideal for all experience levels,


    SVAKOM offers two types of masturbators for bodies with a penis. Some masturbators, such as Hedy X, require manual stroking movements, where the user glides the sex toy up and down their shaft using their hand, whereas others are automatic thanks to a motor so they can be held still while the product does the work.

    Prostate Vibrators

    Often likened to the G-spot in bodies with a vagina, the prostate or ‘P-spot’ can deliver intense orgasms when stimulated. SVAKOM designs sex toys specifically curved to target the prostate while remaining safe for anal insertion.

    Perineum Vibrators

    One of the lesser known pleasure zones, the perineum, is located between the vulva and anus for bodies with a vagina, or between the scrotum and anus for bodies with a penis. SVAKOM designs perineal vibrators for all bodies, and Erica is one of the most popular. 

    Vibrating Cock Rings

    Cock rings are designed to wear around the penis and/or scrotum to encourage harder, longer-lasting erections by adding a comfortable amount of pressure to the area. SVAKOM cock rings are suitable for use during solo masturbation and partnered sex thanks to the additional stimulation provided by vibrations and textures.

    Remote-Controlled Sex Toys

    SVAKOM remote-controlled sex toys provide a convenient way to explore settings as well as increase excitement during partnered play. Boost sexual anticipation or experiment with power dynamics by letting a partner control your sex toy via the remote or vice versa.

    App-Controlled Sex Toys

    For adults who want a more customized or interactive session with their sex toy, look no further than SVAKOM’s app-controlled collection. Sex toys compatible with the SVAKOM App let you create your own settings and text chat, video call or share control with a partner at any distance.

    Interactive Sex Toys

    SVAKOM’s Connexion Series takes app control an exciting step further. By pairing with a compatible app or digital platform, you can use your toy while feeling the motion of interactive adult video content or letting webcam viewers take control in exchange for tips.


    Ensure your SVAKOM sex toy is always at its best by recharging as needed and storing it safely in between uses. If you need a replacement or spare charging cable or storage pouch, we have you covered with a range of these and other accessories.

    How to choose your sex toy

    When shopping for your sex toy, consider these 5 factors:

    1. Stimulation: Will the pleasure zone/s you target be internal (e.g. G-spot, prostate or anal); external (e.g. clitoris, vulva, penis, scrotum, perineum or nipples); or a combination (e.g. G-spot and clitoris, G-spot and perineum, prostate and perineum)?
    2. Size: Check the sex toy measurements to ensure you can use it comfortably.
    3. Materials: All SVAKOM sex toys are made from 100 percent body-safe materials, such as silicone or plastics, and can be flexible or rigid, soft or hard, smooth or textured. How do you want your sex toy to feel? 
    4. Technology: Do you want your sex toy to be waterproof, rechargeable, remote-controlled or app-compatible? Do you want to use your sex toy to interact with a long-distance partner, adult video content or webcam audiences?
    5. Cost: SVAKOM aims to cater to a range of budgets while maintaining our commitment to high-quality products backed by our warranty and guarantee.