Svakom: Leading Adult Toy Brand Celebrates Triumph at Erofest with Recently Awarded Pulse Galaxies

Svakom: Leading Adult Toy Brand Celebrates Triumph at Erofest with Recently Awarded Pulse Galaxies

PRAGUE - Svakom, a leading adult toy brand, is proud to announce that Pulse Galaxies has been awarded at the Erofest 2024. Among many things, this event celebrates sensual exploration – a concept emulated by our innovative product and therefore its win further solidifies the brand’s reputation for innovation and excellence.

Svakom was created based on a desire to give the world innovative sexual health products that allow users to explore pleasures and identify desires either inat the comfort of their own company or in the arms of their lover. It continually pushes the boundaries with the belief that everyone deserves to have access to luxurious experiences.


Pulse Galaxies offers a trip into the uncharted waters of pleasure. It is unlike other clitoral stimulators due to its innovative way of pushing and pulling air to create a realistic suction effect. More than this, it features a charging dock that not only has a beautiful starlight display, it also elevates the sensory experience to new heights. Pulse Galaxies has five modes and intensities of suction, along with three starlight display modes to ensure a user’s customizable exploration unlike any other.

“At Svakom, we are dedicated to redefininge the landscape of sexual wellness,” says a spokesperson for the brand, “We’ve developed many products to cater to each user’s unique needs and preferences and Pulse Galaxies is the newest innovative item to have been introduced. Erofest is similar to Svakom in that it is also committed to breaking the glass ceiling in the realm of pleasure and pursuing the enhancement of sexual health. That’s why we are proud to be collaborating on this event together and have Pulse Galaxies be one of its awarded products.”

Erofest is now in its eighth year and continues to captivate audiences with its electrifying showcase of erotic shows. It was held on March 8 and 9, 2024, at the PVA EXPO in Letňany, Prague which was attended by an estimated 21,000 visitors from across the globe. The scale of this year’s event was a testament to Erofest as a premier destination for enthusiasts and industry leaders.

“It is always a pleasure to be a part of Erofest,” says another partner of Svakom, “Every year is different and this time, it showcased live sex shows. It is exhilarating to see professional performers show you the art of sex and pleasure in a safe and creative space and I hope there are more of these activities that go outside the box and leave lasting impressions on our audiences.”

Svakom would like to thank Erofest for the opportunity to be its general partner. The brand would also like to thank fellow partners and contributors for their immense support in making this event a success. We take this achievement with gratitude and use it as inspiration to continue to innovate, and inspire users on the journey to their dream pleasure and intimacy.

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